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I’m fatigued what do I do?

Are you tired all the time? Do you feel like your metabolism is non-existent? Does it seem no matter what you do, dieting or exercise, you just keep packing on the pounds? If it does the problem might be your thyroid. An underactive thyroid slows down your metabolism and makes you tired, sluggish and gain weight for no apparent reason. But luckily there is a natural solution. We are able to optimize your thyroid function and put the spark back in you. Before you know it you’ll be bouncing with energy and losing weight effortlessly. And here’s an important distinction to remember, when your GP tells you your thyroid is ‘normal’ that’s not the same thing as optimal.

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I’m struggling with trauma or phobias!

Have you suffered an emotionally traumatic or stressful event/episode that still affects the way you think, feel and behave? Are you trapped in a world of anxiousness and fear? Is your life being ruled by paralysing phobias? Do you find you have self-sabotaging behaviours that prevent you from making consistently good food, relationship and exercise choices? If you answered yes to any of these questions then the good news is you can release yourself from the grip negative thoughts, emotions and habits have on you. Using my unique Be Emotionally Free hypnotherapy technique I can erase the negativity from your unconscious mind in as little as three sessions to make you feel free, happy, calm and in control.

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Quit smoking in just 60 minutes!

Are you struggling to quit? Have you quit before, restarted and now want to quit again? Do you want to avoid using patches, gums or drugs? Do you smoke to relieve your stress? Whether you smoke 5 cigarettes or 50 cigarettes a day the good news is you can quit in as little as 60 minutes using my highly successful Quit Cigarettes In 60 Minutes hypnotherapy technique. I can turn you from a smoker to a non-smoker without you experiencing cravings, withdrawals or any of the other normal nasty side-effects. And even better still I offer a quit guarantee. If in the unlikely event you restart smoking you get a FREE back-up session to make you a non-smoker gain.

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Naturopath Sydney Reviews:

What Others Say About Our Clinic

  • jennifer-testimonial

    “I have struggled with my weight for years and tried various popular “diets”. I know all the reasons to maintain a “healthy weight” and in spite of cutting out bread, rice, pasta and potatoes I was still struggling. I received a wake up call after seeing the photos of my daughter’s wedding! It was then I saw Hayden’s ad in the Leader. Hayden has been great – very supportive not only with weight loss – but also with other related health issues. To date I have lost 16kgs and lots of cms and have more to go. I am really feeling the benefits now there is less of me to carry around! So a big Thankyou to Hayden and the team at the Happy and Healthy Wellbeing Centre.”

    Jennifer Besnard

  • JulieTestimonial“I am 47 years old and have been overweight for quite a few years. I was diagnosed with very high blood pressure about 3 years ago, my doctor told me I was over weight, and if I could get back into my healthy weight range it would improve my blood pressure. I tried very hard to loose the weight by exercise and by dieting; it just would not come off. I was feeling pretty lethargic and miserable and had practically given up on even trying to loose the weight. Then my husband found an article from Hayden Keys in the local news paper, it was about loosing weight naturally without using shakes , fad diets or exercise , so I thought I might as well make an appointment and see what it was all about.

    At my first consultation with Hayden, we discussed my diet and general well being, he asked me how I felt about doing a diet that would be easy to maintain and make me feel a lot better, I told him that I was prepared to give it a go , I had nothing to loose just a few kilos. I left his surgery feeling excited that I had finally done some positive for myself. I started my eating plan the very next day, it wasn’t much different from what I was already used too, breakfast I found the most difficult because I had to actually sit down and eat something nutritious for a change, I usually ate on the run on my way to work, so I just made sure I gave my self extra time in the morning to eat properly and prepare myself lunch for the day, it took me a week or to get into my new more relaxed routine, and it was sure worth it, when I went back for my weekly visit with Hayden,  I had lost 2.2kg, I was blown away, this had taken me a month to do in the past. This was all the motivation I needed to continue on my healthy eating regime, I started to feel proud of myself and soon it was being noticed by friends and family, and I wasn’t getting overcome with tiredness anymore either.

    After 6 weeks I lost a total of 6.3kgs and 32.5cms, and I don’t feel hungry either. I feel better than now than I have even before I was overweight, I will maintain what I have learnt about eating and diet for the rest of my life because it is just so easy. Thank you Hayden!”

    Julie Gollan

  • sharontestimonialHi my name is Sharon. I was feeling depressed about my weight when I happened to find an article in the local Shire Life newspaper about a weight loss program and the fantastic result people were having. I felt like this article was speaking to me so I picked up the phone and made an appointment to visit Hayden Keys.  Following the program was easy from the beginning, I started seeing results after the first week which gave me such a great incentive to keep going and a sense that this program was going to work.  I lost 20.1kg in 12 weeks and a total of 75cm’s off my body.  I now have so much more energy now and I am regularly exercising. Thank you Hayden for your ongoing support and encouragement it has been fantastic.

    Sharon McInerney

  • michelletestimonial

    “I was asked if I was expecting a baby!!! Well now I can wrap my dressing gown belt around my waist twice! I’m not a big person but I lost 7kg from around my belly which thrilled me no end as one can only suck their belly in so far! Only problem, I really need a new wardrobe. I was going out the other night and all my clothes were hanging on me… I couldn’t find anything small enough!”

    Michelle Johnson

  • “For the past two years I have suffered from severe stomach cramps, bloating…all the symptoms of Irritable Bowel.

    When referred to Hayden, I didn’t believe that a change in my diet and some herbal medicine would do much, but after feeling absolutely fantastic for a whole 2 weeks I started to change my attitude.

    Since being on Hayden’s diet for 6 weeks, the problems that were once a major nuisance in my life have been kept to a minimum, if not disappeared.

    I believe that if i didn’t see Hayden and listen to his advise I would be feeling as fantastic as I do now!”

    Alanna Busuttil

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Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre is one of Sydney’s premier naturopath health clinics run by myself, Hayden Keys, and my partner Frances Bueno.

I’m a naturopath and functional medicine practitioner and Frances is a clinical hypnotherapist and aromatherapist. Our mission is to help our patients, and you, regain health and happiness.

Our clinic has been operating for over 12 years. Firstly in Menai for three and a half years and now in Miranda, Sydney – for the last 9 years. Over this time we have successfully helped over 3000 patients regain their health, restore their energy levels, slim down to their dream figure, clear their skin and settle their digestion safely and naturally.

Since completing my degree, with distinction, at Western Sydney University I have continued my education with advanced functional medicine training at Functional Medicine University and also with some of the world’s leading practitioners such as Dr Dan Kalish and Dr Tom O’Bryan. And as a result I have become a specialist in restoring optimal whole body function for my patients.

And this is the critical thing… I treat your body as a complete unit, unlike conventional medical doctors.

This is because you are not just your body fat. You are not just your hormones. You are not just your acne. You are not just your IBS. Every system in your body depends on all the others and a disturbance in one causes a disturbance in another.

And this is what naturopathic and functional medicine is all about. Seeing the body as a whole and treating it as a whole. This means that there is not just a pill for every ill. To eliminate your issues and restore optimal functioning to your body I’ll look at…

Your diet. What are you eating now? What did you eat in the past? What foods make you feel well? What foods make you feel unwell? Is your body being nourished by the food you eat? Is the diet or dietary philosophy you are following the right one for you? And if I think it isn’t I’ll recommend the changes you need to make so that it is.

Your sleep. Are you getting enough sleep? Are you getting quality sleep? Are you sleeping at the right times? And if I think your sleep isn’t restoring you I’ll give you recommendations on how to improve it.

Your past and present stress levels. Stress and stress hormones are one of, if not the biggest, underlying cause of health problems in modern society. If I think stress hormones are an underlying cause of your health issues then I will refer you for special functional stress hormone testing. This is different to regular blood testing and is able to pinpoint issues before they have become a disease.

Your digestion. Are you getting bloated or suffering gut pain? How regularly do you move your bowels? Have you used antibiotics much over your lifetime? Have you had any bouts of gastroenteritis in the past, especially when travelling to developing countries? Good digestive function is the key to good health no matter what your health issues. So if I think there are issues with your digestion or if I think you may have an undiagnosed parasitic infection I’ll specify how we’ll go about rectifying them.

So as you can see if you want to eliminate your problems properly and permanently then you need a naturopath who can deal with them all at once. Not a doctor for each one.

My whole body approach gets every one of your body’s systems working in harmony.

This not just eliminates your symptoms but optimises your overall health. Making you the healthiest and happiest you can be.

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