Naturopath in Sutherland Shire

‘Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre’ Provide You And Your Family
With Complete Wellness… The Natural Way.

Hayden & Frances

Would you love more energy, balanced hormones, a healthy gut, clearer skin… and more happiness? And… are you frustrated in your efforts to become happier and healthier?

Hi, my name is Hayden Keys, I’m a qualified Naturopath. And my partner Frances Bueno is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist. We are based at Miranda in the beautiful Sutherland Shire. After completing our qualifications at the Western Sydney University and Australian College of Hypnotherapy we’ve been providing healthy natural remedies and medication-free behavioural changes to over 3,000 satisfied clients since 2005.

Our naturopathic health assessment incorporates the best of both the old and the new. Using cutting-edge functional medicine testing we analyse your health and zero in with laser-like accuracy to locate and alert you to energy, hormonal, digestive and skin problems so we can instantly launch a natural plan of attack.

But not only that, our state-of-the-art analysis foresees future health problems as well… giving you a crystal ball preview on what lies ahead with your health.

Then using ancient healing techniques and natural medicine we design exactly the right program and treatments to suit your specific needs to address your health and wellness concerns.

If you’re struggling with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that impact your health and happiness our Be Free Be Happy Now hypnotherapy assessment reveals, often for the first time, the underlying causes of your anxiety, PTSD, self-sabotage, lack of confidence, weight issues or addiction to cigarettes.

Then once we identify the causes of your issues our specific hypnotherapy processes reprogram your subconscious mind and eliminate your unwanted thoughts, feelings and behaviours. Freeing you to finally enjoy the happy healthy life you deserve.

Chiropractor - Julie Middleton

We now offer chiropractic care for all your aches and pains.

Our resident Chiropractor, Julie Middleton, is a dear friend of ours. It was at her former clinic, Metro Chiropractic in Menai, where I first started out in 2005.

Julie operated her successful chiropractic clinic for 16 years before deciding to embark on a new chapter of her life. She wanted to take a smaller scale, more personal approach to health which led her to Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre.

Julie has been a qualified chiropractor since 2000, after 6 years of study at Macquarie University.

Her passion is to help clients get well and stay well because she believes that everyone needs to be able to participate in all the things that they love to do.

A strong, healthy, well-balanced body is critical because it makes you not only resilient to injury but also offers you protection against the day to day challenges life throws at you. Be they emotional, structural or chemical.

However, pain is the reason most people initially seek out chiropractic care. Pain is how your body communicates to you that there is a problem. That “something is wrong”. So will help you find out what is wrong and fix it, or if it is beyond her scope of practice, she’ll refer you for more specialised care.

Julie believes there is no ‘One size fits all’ treatment so she has trained in a range of modalities including Acupuncture for Somatic Dysfunction, Sacro Occipital Technique, Applied Kinesiology, NET to name a few.

Add to that her previous 15 years of experience as a fitness professional, she has the ‘know-how’ to advise and design customised programs, for all ages, to get you fully functioning and pain-free again.

So whether you are an adult, elderly or it’s one of your children Julie will be able to help you rediscover the strength, confidence and ability to participate in all the joys of life again.

At Healthy Remedies, We Help You
Overcome The Following Problems Which May Be Bugging You!

Beat the Bulge

Are you embarrassed by the look of your tummy, hips and thighs? Do you feel tired and sluggish? Are you frustrated by losing weight only to put it back on plus more? If you are then we have some good news for you.

We can help you lose up to 2kg a week without feeling hungry or doing any strenuous exercise but more importantly safely and without ruining your metabolism in the process.

Our program is all natural and uses ‘real food’ not nasty meal replacement shakes or pills.

We pinpoint with laser like accuracy the underlying fat burning blockages in your metabolism and correct them naturally so you lose weight quickly, easily and permanently.

Natural Type 2 Diabetes Management

Are you unhappy taking drugs to control your Type 2 Diabetes? What if I told you that there’s a natural way to bring down your blood sugars that allows you to reduce your medications and possibly even get off them altogether.


No it’s not.

We understand the underlying cause of Type 2 Diabetes and how to correct it so that your body can regulate itself naturally and eliminate the need for toxic drugs.

Free Yourself From Bloating, Gut Pain and IBS

Are you tired of being bloated and looking like your nine months pregnant? Do your bowels feel like they’re being twisted in knots?

Are you too scared to leave the house unless you know where the toilet is going to be? If you are then this may be the most important thing you’ve ever read.

Our Freedom From Gut Pain program eliminates bloating, cramping, gut pain, flatulence, diarrhoea and constipation quickly, easily and naturally.

You’ll be surprised how quickly and easily you get relief and start enjoying life again. Just imagine soon you’ll be travelling and dining out pain and worry free.

Embarrassed by Ugly Red Skin Patches

Are you too embarrassed to show your arms and legs because of ugly red psoriasis patches?

Are you fed up using creams, lotions and potions to try and clear up those itchy red scaly lesions? Are you worried about using steroid creams and tar based products long term?

If you are the good news is you can throw away your creams because we’ll uncover the real cause of your psoriasis and eliminate it naturally.

Soon you’ll be wearing shorts, skirts and singlets without feeling self-conscious.

Feeling Tired, Sluggish and Unable to Control Your Weight

Are you tired all the time? Do you feel like your metabolism is non-existent? Does it seem no matter what you do, dieting or exercise, you just keep packing on the pounds? If it does the problem might be your thyroid.

An underactive thyroid slows down your metabolism and makes you tired, sluggish and gain weight for no apparent reason. But luckily there is a natural solution. We are able to optimize your thyroid function and put the spark back in you.

Before you know it you’ll be bouncing with energy and losing weight effortlessly. And here’s an important distinction to remember, when your GP tells you your thyroid is ‘normal’ that’s not the same thing as optimal.

Sick of Being Sick

Do you come down with every cold and ‘flu going around? Are you constantly taking antibiotics but never getting well?

If you do then you’ve come to the right place because we focus on rebuilding your health not just getting rid of disease.

Using simple non-invasive tests we identify why your immune system is low and design you an individualized program to restore you to robust good health.

Itchy Red Weeping Skin

Do you or your child have maddeningly itchy skin that weeps and bleeds from scratching? Are you reluctant to use steroid creams?

Are you confused about what foods to eat?

If you are, we’ll provide you with some straight talk that’ll give you the answer to this debilitating problem.

We have the knowledge and experience to unravel the underlying cause and correct it naturally for long lasting relief. There’ll be no more tears in your household.

Irregular or Non-existent Periods or Can’t Fall Pregnant

Is your period irregular or doesn’t come at all? Are you having difficulty falling pregnant?

Have you tried IVF without success?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then the good news is… help is at hand.

Our natural fertility program corrects your hormonal imbalances and boosts your fertility so you can conceive naturally.

Best of all, our program doesn’t require any invasive procedures and is stress free.