Are You Taking The Right Supplements To Fix Your Hormonal Acne

In today’s blog, you’re going to discover, “Are you taking the right supplements to fix your hormonal acne?” so you can stop wasting time and money on supplements you don’t really need. 

Now, if you’ve got hormonal acne, I’m sure you’ve already taken some supplements. You might be, or have been, taking vitex/chaste tree, or zinc, or DIM, or probiotics, or evening primrose oil, or a hair, skin, nails formula or a liver detox formula, or a host of other supplements.

But can I ask you… “Why did you choose those supplements?” 

Was it because a friend told you?

Or was it because you read a blog? 

Or was it because you saw someone recommend them on YouTube? 

Or you did some research and you thought, “Okay, these are the things I need to use?” 

No doubt you’ve been looking into what are the best supplements for hormonal acne and you’ve been trying to work out what you need.

But if you haven’t done any testing to uncover your hormone imbalances, then no matter what way you’ve chosen your supplements you’ve just been guessing. And so, the only way you can truly know if the supplements you’ve chosen are the right ones for you is if you test your hormone levels. 

Testing your hormone levels is critical for a couple of reasons. One, it allows you to discover your individual, specific hormone levels, not someone else’s. Two, testing pinpoints exactly what your hormonal imbalances are and reveals what hormones you need to adjust. 

Do you need to adjust testosterone? Do you need to adjust progesterone? Do you need to adjust both testosterone and progesterone? 

You wouldn’t know unless you test your hormones.

So then when you test, it helps you identify the specific herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutritional supplements you need to correct your hormonal imbalances. This makes it possible for you to then design an individualized supplement program that will cure your hormonal acne. Testing gets rid of guessing and so saves you time and money. This is so important when you’re young, studying, working part-time, or if you are working full-time you’re only on a junior wage. 

Because you don’t want to be wasting money on supplements that you don’t need. 

And so, now what we’ll go through and what I’ll reveal is the secret to get your skin clear and save yourself a lot of time and money.

To start with let’s look at an example of how the process works. Here we have someone you might be familiar with from YouTube and Instagram, Sarah from Sarah’s Day. 

I’m her naturopath, you can see my details highlighted in yellow. Let’s go through what I did with her to pinpoint her hormone imbalances and choose the supplements she needed to fix them.

Here we have Sarah showing her adrenal hormones saliva test results. This test measured her cortisol and DHEA levels. 



In this test, she’s showing the result from her salivary testosterone test. You can see it’s high.

By doing these tests allowed me to pinpoint exactly what her hormonal imbalances were and then know exactly what supplements she needed to rebalance her hormones and clear up her skin. For her particular situation, I prescribed her Gluco Support, a custom herbal tonic, and Seriphos. 

Now, because everyone’s a little bit different you’d need different supplements for Sarah. It’s going to depend on your hormone imbalances. And so, the secret to choosing the right supplements is to get your hormones checked. Only that way will you know exactly what you need. Otherwise, as I said before, you’re just guessing. 

And so, once I was able to pinpoint exactly what Sarah’s hormonal imbalances were, I was then able to prescribe her an individualized supplement program. And if you follow her vlog, you’ll have seen that by taking those supplements her skin cleared up.

So, the question you probably have now is… “how do I get my hormones checked?” 

That’s a great question because, in the past, it’s been difficult. You’d go to your doctor, ask them about getting your hormones checked. They’d either say “no” flat out, “we don’t need to know that”. Or if they did do the testing for you it was by blood. And most of the time the blood test results would come back normal. And they’d tell you, “Look, your hormone levels are normal”. 

But it’s obvious, though, if you’ve got hormonal acne, then there’s a hormonal problem. Its key thing is pinpointing what that imbalance is. And this is where using saliva hormone testing is the secret. But saliva testing is difficult to access on your own and even if you did get it done you don’t have the expertise to interpret the results. 

But the good news is we have the access, the expertise and the experience to get your hormones tested with a saliva test, then interpret the results and create a supplement plan for you.

Click here to discover how we can help you.

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