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Whip yourself into shape without blood, sweat or tears!

Are you embarrassed by the look of your tummy, bottom and thighs? Do you hate getting all hot and sweaty exercising to the point of collapse just to try and lose some pounds? Would you like a more civilised way to rapidly burn body and booty fat? If you would then this is the most important weight loss article you’ll ever read. Please let me explain…

Over the years of working with hundreds of Shire women and men I’ve discovered that burning body fat doesn’t have to involve strenuous exercise, being ravenously hungry or depriving yourself. Losing weight comes down to three simple principles.

1. Insulin – controlling insulin is the holy grail of fat burning. Once you get this right weight loss happens by itself, without exercise or hunger. Insulin is so important is because it’s the hormone that signals your body to store body fat, particularly belly fat. But here’s the big news, your body only produces insulin when you eat carbohydrates (sugar, bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, rice cakes and all breakfast cereals even Weetbix and oats). So when you eat any of these foods you’re telling your body to make fat! Therefore to switch your body into fat burning mode cut down your carbs and you’ll slash your insulin levels.

2. Exercise – don’t exercise too much. In fact the more you exercise the hungrier you’ll get. It’s just a natural physiological response. How many people have you seen going to the gym day after day, month after month but never losing much weight? They lose centimetres and get fit but their weight just doesn’t budge. That’s because they’re working against their body not with it. Amazingly many of my patients who do the least exercise lose the most weight. Why? Because weight loss is 99% diet. I’m not saying exercise isn’t important, it is, just not for weight loss.

3. Organisation – all your best intentions will be brought undone if you’re not organised. Making sure you have the right food in the fridge, planning out your meals and pre-preparing lunches etc will keep you on track. When you’re not organised food drops down your priority list and you end up grabbing whatever you can, then you beat yourself up over your lack of discipline. Being organised means you don’t have to rely on willpower so even the weakest willed person can succeed. Time and again I’ve seen fantastic results from patients who tell me they don’t have any willpower. That’s because I get them on a system that makes them organised.

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