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If you’ve had breast cancer you’ll know how fantastic the support is while you’re going through treatment. Whenever you go into the clinic you’re surrounded by people who care.

It’s like a little community where everyone, nurses and other cancer sufferers, pull together to help make your cancer treatment journey as bearable as possible. It’s a place and time where you feel safe, nurtured and understood.

However all that changes once your treatment ends. Suddenly you haven’t got that safe place to go to and the people around you can’t understand what you’ve been through.

You feel alone and scared.

This is how one of my recent hypnotherapy patients told me she felt, 10 years after her treatment finished!

Still alone and scared.

Alone because while her family did their best to understand her, they couldn’t really understand what it was like to face death.

They couldn’t understand the emotional toll she endured and they couldn’t understand the emotional toll her mastectomy caused.

How it stole her self-confidence and self-belief.

And the fear. They couldn’t understand the fear.

Yes, she had survived but no one could give her a guarantee that the cancer wouldn’t return. She felt in limbo. Grateful that she had survived but scared that the breast cancer would return.

And this is what eventually brought her to see me. She wanted to finally get closure to cancer. She wanted to be done with it.

She wanted to be the happy confident person she used to be. She wanted to take back the power cancer had stolen from her.

She wanted to feel safe not scared. She wanted to feel loved not alone.

And so using my Be Free Be Happy Now hypnotherapy process I was able to bring her ‘old self’ back.

Her smile came back, her confidence came back, the love came back.

I erased the seeds of doubt she carried and replaced them with the belief her body is now and will always be cancer free.

She took her power back and brought closure to her cancer journey. Now she looks forward to her next journey… the healthy and happy journey.

If you’ve survived breast cancer then discover how you can take back your power and find closure by calling (02 9524 2471) or emailing (info@healthyremedies.com.au) the clinic today to arrange your FREE 30 minute, no obligation, Be Free Be Happy Now hypnotherapy assessment consultation.

Happy regards,
Frances Bueno

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