Do You Have a Compelling Reason to Lose Weight

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Having a good reason to lose weight is vital if you want to have any chance of reaching your goal. A lot of people decide “yep, I’m going to lose weight” but then not very long into it they give up, while others manage to keep going through thick and thin.

What sets people apart? Why do some succeed while others fail?

The answer lies in their reason for starting in the first place. Picture this, you go to the doctor or hopefully the naturopath and they say “look, if you don’t lose weight you’re going to be dead in 6 months”. How motivated do you think you would be lose weight and make sure you get it off.

Heaps… wouldn’t you.

Now picture this scenario. A person goes to the doctor or naturopath and they get told “your cholesterol’s a bit high I think you should lose some weight.” Is the motivation as high in this case. No it isn’t. There’s no immediate pain or fear of death to drive them.

So having a good reason can make all the difference. Now you don’t have to be in fear of your life to have motivation but you do need a reason that is causing you enough pain to push you along.

The pain doesn’t have to be physical, it can be emotional. You might be unhappy and depressed by the way you look, you may be sick and tired of being sick and tired. Or you may have a special occassion that you want to look a million dollars for.

Whatever the reason it has to cause you some pain if you fail to lose weight. This compelling reason is your motivator when things get tough, which they innevitably do. When you go off track or you’re being tempted by food you shouldn’t be eating you need to remind yourself why it is you trying to lose weight.

Once you do this it will evoke those painful feelings that drove you to start losing weight in the first place. And that’s usually enough to keep you track or put you back on.

So have a good think about why it is you want to lose weight. It needs to be more than just because you think you need to.

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