Chronic Fatigue

How can you stop chronic tiredness and fatigue, make every day an effort and enjoy the rich, energetic life you deserve?


Do you want to feel energetic and invigorated? Have you had enough of feeling tired and sluggish? If you suffer from tiredness and fatigue, you know how difficult it can be to get through your day. Others often think you’re lazy because you don’t have the energy to do things.

The good news is you’re not lazy, and the tiredness and fatigue you’re experiencing aren’t your fault. I have found chronic tiredness and fatigue are triggered by five underlying causes…

Underlying Causes of Chronic Tiredness & Fatigue

Adrenal fatigue

Your energy levels depend on your adrenal (stress) system. Your adrenals mobilise energy to help you adapt to stress. You become fatigued because stress is so constant (work, family, financial & social commitments, to name a few), and your adrenals never get to rest. Slowly, over the years, your adrenals fatigue and energy levels slump. Fortunately, this is not a disease and can be reversed quickly and naturally.

Unbalanced diet

This is one of the most common causes of fatigue. If your carbohydrate intake is not balanced with enough protein, you end up with too much of a hormone called insulin. Insulin blocks your access to your energy reserves, leaving you tired. What commonly happens then is you turn to sugars and carbs to keep your energy levels up.

Poor sleep

Not getting good solid sleep or enough sleep is a surefire way to drain your energy levels. When you don’t get enough sleep, it’s a huge stress on your adrenals. If this persists long enough, it burns you out, and you crave sugars and carbs to keep going. Poor sleep can be fixed. We just need to identify its cause.

Thyroid hormone imbalance

Thyroid hormone controls your energy levels. The hormone tells your cells how much energy to make; too little leaves you tired and sluggish. Stress is a big reason for thyroid hormone imbalances in people on and not on thyroid medication. Stress can trigger your brain to think you might be in a famine. And so, to protect you, your body stops activating your thyroid hormones. This slows energy production so you don’t use your stored energy (fat) too quickly and survive the “famine”.


The residual effects of severe viral infections like glandular fever are a common cause of chronic fatigue and tiredness. These effects last because the infection is a massive stress on your body. But you may also have undiagnosed gut infections by yeasts (candida) and parasites. These nasty critters steal your nutrients and leave you tired and sluggish.

To stop tiredness and fatigue being an issue, you need to pinpoint its underlying cause. You could have one, two, three or all of the above underlying causes, so you must work out what you have.

The way you do that is with specialised ‘functional’ testing. This differs from the regular testing your GP would do. And as you might have already experienced, regular testing usually returns ‘normal’.

To identify your issues that aren’t diseases, you need to use testing that reveals imbalances before they become a disease.

A blood cortisol test won’t tell you if you have adrenal fatigue. Or whether your daily cortisol release rhythm is distorted. It only tells you if you have adrenal disease, which you don’t if your blood tests come back normal.

Or, in the case of gut infections, you might need to be tested for parasites, yeasts and bacteria that your GP would never think to look for.

Fatigue BustersOnce I pinpoint your underlying cause or causes, I can help you regain your energy and vitality naturally, not with stimulants, just like the thousands of my other patients. Taking this approach is beautiful because I can tailor your treatment to your specific issues. The test results will show me the best foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals and nutrients your body needs to boost your energy and make your life enjoyable again.

To discover how to regain your vitality and boost your energy levels, you must organise a Freedom From Fatigue assessment consultation.

During your 60-minute consultation with me, I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current fatigue problems
  • Your diet and exercise habits
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history

And determine what special functional (not regular pathology) tests you’ll need to do to determine with laser-like accuracy your underlying fatigue causes.

Then, once I have all this critical information, I can develop an individualised plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and restores and boosts your energy levels.

To schedule your Freedom From Fatigue assessment consultation, call Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre on 9524 2471.

If you are not local, we offer phone and Skype consultations.