Gastric Banding Isn’t A Magic Way To Lose Weight

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Gastric banding is becoming a more and more popular means of weight loss.

Like weight loss pills it offers an easy solution to lose weight. Just go in, get a band put around your stomach, come out and lose weight without having to change your lifestyle.

But is this really going to improve your health? And what about potential side effects?

Although you lose weight with gastric banding it doesn’t teach you anything about improving your diet. Of course, the dietitians and doctors will tell you to cut back on fat.

But as we know fat isn’t really the problem anyway. The only thing you learn is that you can’t physically eat as much now because it will make you sick.

However, you can still eat small portions of junk like ice cream. You may be only able to eat a small serve, so you don’t put on weight, but the sugar in it is still damaging your health.

And it isn’t just overweight people who die early. Thin people, who may be able to eat what they like and not put on weight, can still get cancer or diabetes and have strokes and heart attacks just like overweight people if they eat rubbish.

The laws of nutrition are the same for everyone.

Then there are the risks associated with having a general anaesthetic, the liquid diet you’re on for weeks after the surgery and if you eat too much you get sick. Doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

So when everything’s considered I don’t think it is a healthy or desirable weight loss procedure.

It just appeals to the modern “magic pill” mentality.

But people just have to realise there is no “magic pill”, but there are healthy ways to lose weight that are easy and give quick results. You just have to accept that you have to change what you’re doing if you want to change.

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Until next time… Healthy Eating

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