Stomach & Bowel Specialist in Sydney for Healthy Gut

Are you suffering from gut problems like bloating, reflux, gut pain, IBS, diarrhoea, constipation, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Candida overgrowth or parasites?

If you are, you’ve probably already been down the medical path without getting any satisfactory results. You’ve probably had all the tests and scans like endoscopies, colonoscopies, ultrasounds and biopsies, but no one has been able to answer why you’re having problems.

I’ve even had patients tell me their doctors and specialists have suggested that their gut problems are all in their heads and that they may see a psychologist.

Well, the GOOD NEWS is I believe you have a problem, and I believe we can get to the bottom of it.

It’s just a matter of thinking outside the conventional medicine box.

So, if the doctors can’t find a disease, or you have been diagnosed with one, but the doctors can’t tell you what’s causing it, then this is where I can help you.

My specialty is uncovering the REAL underlying cause of your gut issue and correcting it naturally.

This is because most of the thousands of patients I’ve seen over the years have had some gut problem, even when that’s not specifically what they come to see me for.

And to help them recover their health and vitality, their gut problems had to be fixed.

So, to get my patients well again, I had to become a gut problem-solving expert.

And it’s this experience built up over 12 years of helping more than three thousand patients that will help you.

Now, what needs to be done in your case is to look beyond the diagnosis.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine is a bit obsessed with diagnosis. You’ve most likely been to more appointments than you care to count before a specialist finally bestowed a diagnosis on you.

But then after that, often not a whole lot happens.

There might be some treatment to block your symptoms, but you’re not given any good advice on how to fix your gut problem. And if you ask, “What’s caused my problem?” or “Is there anything I can do to help my problem?”

You’re often met with a blank stare or told, “There’s nothing you can do.”

But there’s always something you can do!

What Are The Most Common Signs And Symptoms of Leaky Gut Problems?

We just need to pinpoint what is causing your gut problems. And what I’ve discovered is there are five main underlying causes of gut problems. Here they are…

Food Intolerances & Food Sensitivities – Food is the biggest and most constant challenge your body comes up against. You more or less eat every day of your life, so you take in food molecules every day.

But while food is what sustains you, it’s a foreign substance. Normally, you should have a high level of tolerance to food components, and this prevents you from reacting. But if you lose your tolerance for any of the reasons below, you become sensitive to food, and your digestive system starts to react.

This can cause pain, bloating, reflux, diarrhoea and even constipation. The most common food components people become sensitive to are proteins (think A1/A2 milk protein, gluten protein whether you’re a Coeliac or not, egg protein, etc) and sugars (think fructose and lactose).

Leaky Gut – Doctors hate this term but have now acknowledged it exists. They’ve just given it a more technical name: hyperpermeability of the gastrointestinal mucosa. Which is a ‘leaky gut’?

‘Leaky gut’ results when the lining of your gut becomes inflamed and damaged from antibiotics, overeating sugar, eating food you’re sensitive to, overgrowth of ‘bad’ gut bugs and too much stress hormone.

‘Leaky gut’ is microscopic damage, not ulcers, so that it won’t be seen during a colonoscopy. However, it allows poorly digested food particles, other food compounds and cell fragments of bacteria, yeasts and protozoa to enter your bloodstream. And when this happens, your immune system freaks out and attacks. This then sets off the inflammatory response, resulting in pain, swelling, bloating and diarrhoea.

Parasites are the biggest underlying causes of gut problems conventional doctors miss. That’s because your doctor thinks you must have been somewhere like Bali recently and gotten ill while there for you to have been infected.

But I find an infection may have occurred on a holiday many years or decades before and was left untreated. But I have also had patients infected from a meal at a function or a restaurant. Or by their pet. Or just by drinking tap water.

But no matter how they became infected, the infection was missed, leaving the problem to fester. Damaging your gut, causing a leaky gut and making you more sensitive to food.

Fortunately, if the right test is performed, it’s pretty easy to detect parasites (protozoa are more common than worms). And then, once you know what parasite it is, we can eradicate it and allow your gut to heal.

SIBO & Candida – your gut is home to many bacteria and yeasts. Some ‘good’ and some ‘bad’. Problems start when the ‘bad’ bugs outnumber the ‘good’ bugs. And because of our modern lifestyles (antibiotic overuse, overconsumption of sugar and refined carbohydrates, chemical-laden processed food and the underconsumption of fermented foods), this is now a common problem.

As the ‘bad’ bugs proliferate, they move into places they shouldn’t be, like your small intestine (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth – SIBO). And rather than food being digested, yeasts (Candida) and bacteria ferment it. This produces large amounts of gas bloating you and toxic chemicals irritating or paralysing your digestive tract.

The good news is, just like parasites, you can eradicate these nasty bugs and heal the damage they’ve caused.

Stress Hormones – Modern life is just stressful. It’s go go go seven days a week. But this isn’t the kind of life or amount of stress your body was designed for. And so there are consequences, like suppressed digestive function.

The reason stress suppresses digestion is that way back in the past when humans got attacked, their bodies went into survival mode. The brain would stop sending signals to the gut to digest food. It instead signalled the cardiovascular system to divert blood away from the digestive tract and out to the muscles for the ‘fight or flight’ response.

The stress hormone cortisol is released to supply energy to the muscles to fight or flee, turning proteins within the body into sugar. The gut lining is a rich source of protein not needed during an attack. So, the circulating cortisol would break down proteins in the gut lining, convert it into sugar and supply the heart and muscles with fuel.

This process would cause a leaky gut, but that wasn’t an important problem when the main priority was survival. Because back then, there were only two outcomes.

Survival or Death

And if survival was the outcome, then that meant the stress had gone, so the body could go back to digestion and repair itself.

But the stresses you have to deal with don’t go away these days. They might not be life-threatening, but they are persistent. Unfortunately, your body deals with these stresses like it did millennia ago by turning off digestion and breaking down your gut lining (leaky gut).

Of course, this will eventually lead to gut problems like bloating, pain, reflux, IBS, diarrhoea and constipation.

But natural medicine, unlike conventional medicine, can protect you against the damaging effects of modern stress. There are special tests I can get you to do to identify your cortisol levels from a health perspective, not a disease perspective, which is all a regular blood cortisol test does. And from there, a proper natural treatment plan can be designed for you.

So, what’s your next step to get rid of digestive disorders?

Click on the gut issue image that best describes your gut problem and discover the path to your digestive disorder recovery.

Bloating Solutions

Bloating is one of those problems that the medical profession likes to dismiss as any sort of real problem.

To them bloating is something you should just get used to living with because it’s not going to kill you.

bloating-painWhile it might be the case that bloating isn’t life threatening my patients tell me that bloating can be life ruining.

Patients emphatically tell me that bloating is a massive problem for them and it stops them really enjoying life like they should. They tell me…

  • They feel embarrassed by how big it makes their belly look. The gas that accumulates in their gut makes them look as if they’re pregnant.
  • They feel uncomfortable and ill at ease as gas in their gut builds up pressure under their sternum and ribs.
  • They avoid wearing tight jeans because their bloated belly doesn’t make it a good look.
  • They feel distracted when they’re out because their attention is focussed on finding ways to hide their bulging belly not on enjoying themselves.
  • They have become anxious and are at their wits end because they can’t work it out and no one can tell them why they are always bloated.


It is possible for you to once again have a flat belly, wear tight jeans or dresses if you like and be discomfort free.

The secret lies in pinpointing the underlying cause as to why your digestive system is making all that gas. And once identified developing a plan that sets about restoring optimal digestive function so that you don’t ferment your food to create gas but efficiently digest it instead.

The reasons as to why you aren’t digesting properly can be many. It might be because…

  • You eat foods that you unknowingly reacting to
  • Stress hormones in your body might have turned off your digestion so that you ferment not digest your foods
  • You might have too many bad gut bacteria that love to ferment food the food you eat which turns your gut into a mini-brewery. And overloads your poor body with toxins that gives you a foggy head, makes you lethargic and feel ill.
  • You have microscopic protozoan parasites in your gut that cause devastation of your gut lining and prevent your digestion from working properly.
  • You have all of the above problems and you’re caught in a vicious cycle of inflammation, gut damage, digestive dysfunction and gas production.

Whatever the cause though once your underlying cause is pinpointed and action plan can be developed that naturally corrects your issues and eliminates your bloating. And the way you do that is to schedule a Beat Your Bloating assessment consultation with me.

During your 60 minute consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current bloating issues
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history
  • Your diet

And determine if you will need to do special functional (not regular pathology) tests to determine with laser like accuracy if stress hormone (cortisol) excesses or parasites are causing your bloating.

Once this is completed you and I can then develop a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and eliminates bloating so you can live the rich rewarding lifestyle you deserve.


Diarrhoea Solutions

If you suffer from chronic diarrhoea, you’ve probably found that medical solutions aren’t real solutions at all. At best, they are Band-Aids.

Shutting down your bowels with chemicals doesn’t even go close to fixing whatever is causing your diarrhoea.

Diarrhea SolutionsYes, anti-diarrhoea drugs quickly stop your diarrhoea and give you short-term relief but what about the long term?
Every time you have diarrhoea it means that food has passed through you without being properly digested. You’re missing out on absorbing crucial nutrients. Nutrients like vitamins and minerals that keep you healthy repair your body and protect you from disease.

But missing out on critical nutrients is not your only problem when you always have diarrhoea…

  • It’s embarrassing
  • There’s the terrible smell
  • There’s the anxiety of being hit with the urge that you must go NOW!
  • There’s the humiliating accidents
  • There’s the feeling drained
  • There’s the inconvenience
  • There’s the uncomfortable feeling

It’s not a way to live your life either bound up from medications or petrified that you’ll poop your pants.


The secret lies in uncovering the true trigger that causes your bowels to be loose and irritated. From consulting with over two thousand patients, I have discovered there are many causes of diarrhoea that GPs and specialists simply overlook.

The one that stands out in my memory the most is Patricia. She was an elderly lady in her 80s who came to see me because her diarrhoea had become so chronic that she was scared to leave her home. I wasn’t the first health practitioner she had ever seen about her diarrhoea. She had seen all the specialists, even professors. She had undergone procedure after procedure, but no one had been able to fix her problem.

When she came to see me and I went through her medical history, I asked her what I thought was a routine question…

Has anyone ever gotten you to do a stool test for parasites?parasites stool test

Her answer dumbfounded me.

“No” she said.

I couldn’t believe it. This poor woman had been suffering from diarrhoea for at least sixty years, and no one had thought to do a stool test for parasites. They had quickly invaded her body with scopes but not to run a simple, non-invasive test.

So we ran a stool test, and low and behold, she was infected with a nasty bacteria, Clostridium Dificile. The number one symptom of this well-known bacteria is diarrhoea.

So, I formulated a customised nutritional and herbal program for Patricia, and within no time at all, her diarrhoea stopped. We eliminated the underlying cause and eliminated her diarrhoea.

And this isn’t the only time I’ve found a simple, non-invasive solution for a patient’s diarrhoea issue. Sometimes, it’s been as simple as…

  • Eliminating specific foods
  • Correcting the levels of good and bad gut bacteria
  • Bringing down the levels of stress hormones

But the secret, as I mentioned, is discovering your underlying problem. Once I do that, the rest is straightforward and involves designing a natural treatment program to eliminate that cause.

To let me pinpoint the underlying cause of your diarrhoea, all you need to do is schedule a Make Diarrhoea Disappear assessment consultation with me.

During your 60-minute consultation with me, I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current diarrhoea issues
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history
  • Your diet

And determine if you need special functional (not regular pathology) tests to determine with laser-like accuracy if stress hormone (cortisol) excesses or parasites are causing your diarrhoea.

Once this is completed, you and I can develop a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and makes your diarrhoea disappear so you can live the rich, rewarding lifestyle you deserve.


Fix The Mess Of IBS

If you suffer from IBS one of the biggest frustrations is that GPs and specialists don’t think your problem is serious.

So after doing all their investigations (gastroscopies, colonoscopies, ultrasounds, transit studies, Coeliac tests) and can’t find a cause for your problems they lose interest in you and leave you all on your own.

IBSOr worse still they refer you to a psychologist or psychiatrist because they think it’s all in your head.

Now while the doctors might not think IBS is serious because it’s not life threatening the reality is it can be life ruining.

If you…

  • Are scared every time you leave your house because your terrified you could have a sudden IBS flare up
  • Are embarrassed at how your bloated your belly gets and makes you look like your pregnant
  • Have to race off to the bathroom after every meal because if you don’t there’s going to be a nasty accident.
  • Avoid eating out or trying new cuisines because your too worried it will cause an IBS attack
  • Feel uncomfortable or in pain after meals
  • Will only go places where you know where the toilet is and have stopped travelling or taking long trips
  • Are now anxious and at your wits end because you can’t work what is and no one can tell you what is causing your IBS.

Then that’s no way to live your life. That’s only half living at best.


It is possible for you to once again live a life where you can go where you want and eat what you want without the fear of a sudden embarrassing IBS flare up.

The secret lies in discovering the true cause of your digestive troubles and then creating a plan that restores optimal digestive function so you eliminate bloating, gut pain, diarrhoea and constipation as issues in your life.

The reasons why you have IBS can be many and fortunately they aren’t pathological which is why the doctors can’t find them. But it does mean you have to think outside the square. The most common causes of IBS I have discovered from helping thousands of patients are…

  • Irritable Bowel SyndromeThere are foods you are eating that you’re reacting too that you are unaware of and doctors and dieticians don’t consider
  • Stress hormones like cortisol have been excessively released into your body and over time have shut down your digestive processes and your immune system so that you have lost your tolerance to normal everyday foods
  • Your digestive system has become so inflamed and dysfunctional that all foods cause you a problem which is why you can’t find a pattern
  • Antibiotics and a modern diet has caused bad gut bacteria in your gut to multiply out of control so that you are now fermenting your food not digesting it. Which turns your gut into a mini-brewery producing toxins that make you lethargic, foggy headed and depressed.
  • Microscopic protozoan parasites that invade your gut and cause a low grade chronic infection. This devastates your gut lining, prevents you from digesting your food properly and triggers bouts of diarrhoea followed by constipation.
  • You have all of the above problems and are caught in a vicious cycle of inflammation, gut damage, infection, digestive distress and gas production.

Discovering your specific underlying cause is the key. But once you do an action plan can be developed that naturally restores digestive wellbeing and eliminates your IBS. And the way you do that is to schedule a Fix The Mess Of IBS assessment consultation with me.

During your 60 minute consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current IBS issues
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history
  • Your diet

And determine if you will need to do special functional (not regular pathology) tests to determine with laser like accuracy if stress hormone (cortisol) excesses or parasites are causing your IBS.

Once this is completed you and I can then develop a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and fixes the mess of IBS so you can live the rich rewarding lifestyle you deserve.


Free Yourself Of Constipation

Moving your bowels daily is something most people take for granted. However if you suffer with constipation then you wish you were so lucky.

Getting your bowels moving can sometimes be an ordeal in itself. And when you haven’t gone for days it’s not just uncomfortable it affects your body odour, the freshness of your breath, your energy levels and your mood.

Fix Constipation SydneyYou simply don’t feel energetic and happy when you’re clogged up.

Unfortunately the solutions available to you medically aren’t really solutions at all. They’re just symptom relievers. Once you stop using them your constipation returns and it’s pretty common for them to become less and less affective over time too.

Plus long term laxative use can give you a lazy bowel which makes you even more dependent on laxatives.

So what is the solution to getting off laxatives and have your bowels move easily and frequently?


And this is what orthodox medicine is terrible at doing. Because you see mainstream medicine is too focused on disease and so GPs and specialists are fixated on looking for a disease cause.

But most of the time with constipation there isn’t a disease and so after you have all your tests and procedures nothing is revealed. So you’re sent on your way with the sage advice to eat more fibre, drink more water and take a laxative if needed.

But if we look at your constipation problem from a different perspective that is from a health angle then it’s possible to discover the real cause of your constipation.

What I mean by this is…

What are the things happening in or to your colon that cause the movement of food through it to slow down or stop?

And from working with thousands of patients over ten years I have discovered the most common reasons are…

  • Certain foods can have a paralysing effect on your bowels if you are unknowingly sensitive to them
  • Stress hormone excesses can shut down your bowels. Think being attacked by a lion. When under attack muscles in the bowel are turned off to save energy to fight or run away from the lion. Now while you aren’t under attack from a lion any stress releases the same hormones and so the same process happens
  • Too many of the bad types of gut bacteria in your colon release nerve toxins that work like Botox which paralyses your colon
  • A microscopic parasite invades your colon and shreds the lining which damages the nerves that push food though
  • You have a combination of all these problems and you’re colon is caught in a vicious cycle of stress, nerve damage and paralysis

restore-gut-healthThe secret is to pinpoint what the root cause of your constipation, eliminate it and restore optimal colon function. Then you can throw away your laxatives once and for all.

How you pinpoint the root cause of your constipation problems is simple. All you need to do is schedule a Free Yourself Of Constipation assessment consultation with me.

During your 60 minute consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current constipation issues
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history
  • Your diet

And determine if you will need to do any special functional (not regular pathology) tests to pinpoint if stress hormone (cortisol) excesses, too many bad gut bacteria or parasites are causing your constipation.

Once this is completed you and I can then develop a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and frees you from constipation so you can live the rich rewarding lifestyle you deserve.


Gets Rid Of Gut Pain

Gut pain is a real nuisance and it can really sap the enjoyment out of your life.

Too frequently GPs and specialists dismiss your suffering once they subject you to all their tests and fail to find anything wrong.

gut-pain-sydneyTo them this means that there’s nothing wrong with you and so you should go merrily about your way and not trouble them anymore your concerns because they’re got patients with much more “serious” issues than you.

But living your life in pain even if it’s not life threatening can still be life ruining. You…

  • Lose the enjoyment in eating delicious foods
  • Feel anxious about trying any new food
  • Feel lethargic and drained
  • Become irritable and cranky because you’re in pain
  • Get down about whether you’ll feel like this forever
  • Feel alone because no one seems to understand how much you’re suffering
  • Wonder if you’re going die because have some nasty undiagnosed disease

gut-pain-newsThe secret lies in pinpointing the true cause of your gut pain. Please let me explain…

It’s great that the GPs and specialists haven’t been able to find anything pathologically wrong with you because you don’t want to have a disease. However they forget or more likely don’t understand that you can have a ‘functional’ problem.

What I mean by that is something in your body is not functioning correctly. There’s dysfunction. And dysfunctions don’t show up on regular tests or from ultrasounds, gastroscopies, coclonoscopies and MRI’s.

But there are ways to identify dysfunctions it just takes a different way of looking at your problem.

And that is what I do. I zero in on your health not on a disease. So I’m looking for things that stop your digestive system working properly and cause inflammation.

From helping thousands of patients over ten years the most common reasons for gut pain I’ve discovered are…

  • You’re eating foods, often regular everyday foods, that your body doesn’t like
  • Stress hormones have damaged your digestive system and are now causing foods you’ve happily eaten your entire life to irritate and inflame your gut
  • You have too many bad bacteria in your gut from taking antibiotics and eating too much refined food over your life and they are now attacking and inflaming your gut lining
  • You’ve somehow picked up a microscopic parasite somewhere in the past that’s feeding off and destroying your gut lining
  • You’re not producing enough digestive enzymes to break down your food so it ferments and putrefies making lots of toxic substances that irritate and inflame your gut

stomach-painAnd these are things that GPs, specialists and dieticians aren’t looking at so they find your gut pain a mystery.

But by analysing your history through a ‘health’ lense and running special ‘functional’ tests I’m able to identify with laser like accuracy your underlying dysfunctions. Then I can design you a customised health plan that gets rid of your gut pain once and for all.

To discover my natural way to that rids you of gut pain all you need to do is schedule a Get Rid Of Gut Pain assessment consultation with me.

During your 60 minute consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current Gut Pain issues
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history
  • Your diet

And determine if you will need to do any special functional tests to pinpoint if stress hormone (cortisol) excesses or parasites are causing your gut pain.

Once this is completed you and I can then develop a plan that fits your needs and lifestyle and rids you of gut pain so you can live the rich rewarding lifestyle you deserve.