Hormonal Acne Treatments & Solutions

If you’re reading this page it’s probably because you’ve decided that the contraceptive pill, Accutane/Roaccutane and antibiotics aren’t the long term answer to your hormonal acne problems.

You’ve realised this because of all the research you’ve done, reading blog posts, listening to podcasts and watching vlogs.

And now you understand that while conventional medical treatments can clear up your hormonal acne they don’t actually treat its underlying cause.

Which means of course, once you stop them your hormonal acne problems return. And often worse than before!

Which isn’t a great choice to be faced with because from what my hormonal acne patients tell me, having hormonal acne makes you feel like sh#!

This is because when you’ve got hormonal acne that just won’t go away it takes over your life.

Your skin and what it looks like becomes an obsession.

As soon as you wake up in the morning and last thing at night you check in the mirror for new pimples.

To make sure no one sees how bad your hormonal acne is you make sure you always have make-up on.

You avoid doing anything that might wash off your make-up like swimming or sweating. Because you’d die if your friends saw the extent of the red, angry pimples covering your face.

But it’s not just making sure you’ve got your make-up on that stresses you out.

Constant breakouts also make you want to avoid going out and catching up with friends.

When you’re out it feels like everyone you talk to is looking at your acne.

You feel ugly, embarrassed and depressed.

So if you desperately want picture perfect skin, but you don’t want to poison your body with chemicals and synthetic hormones then what is the best hormonal acne treatment that’s natural and healthy too?

But before I can answer this properly for you, you first need to understand…

Hormonal Acne Causes

There are a number of hormonal acne causes, but in a nutshell hormonal acne is triggered by your body producing either too much or too little of your reproductive hormones oestrogen/estrogen, progesterone, testosterone or dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA).

Imbalances in these hormones becomes a problem because it causes the pores in your skin to become larger and secrete more oil (sebum). And as you’d know too much oil clogs your pores and creates pimples.

causes of hormonal acneHere are the most common hormone imbalances that cause hormonal acne…

Best Treatment For Hormonal Chin Acne

Two of the most common areas hormonal acne appears are along the jaw and around the chin. The reason for this is because these two areas contain hormonally sensitive hair follicles.

Think of men, the jaw and chin is where their beard grows. Hair follicles and oil (sebaceous) glands in these areas are super sensitive to male sex hormone (androgens) stimulation.

So with hormonal jawline acne and hormonal chin acne what happens is androgen overproduction, or sebaceous gland hypersensitivity to androgens, triggers excess oil production and pore inflammation. Excess oil and dead skin cells fill the pores and inflammation closes them over, causing large red inflamed pimples.

In women there’s not meant to be much male sex hormone floating around hair follicles and oil glands in your face. But if for some reason you’re overproducing testosterone because of PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), insulin resistance, coming off the oral contraceptive pill or it’s part of your genetic makeup, then you’re going to get acne along your jaw and around your chin.

In this situation patients often tell me they find their acne flares up around ovulation because this is when testosterone naturally spikes.

But This Isn’t The Only Time Chin Acne And Jawline Acne Can Flare Up.

You can also get testosterone driven chin and jawline acne even when your testosterone levels aren’t excessive. It can be triggered if your female hormones, particularly progesterone, are too low. This is what’s happening when you break out in chin acne and jawline acne before your period.

Chin acne and jawline acne flares up before your period because for many women stress hormones suppress the pre-period progesterone surge. The lower progesterone production then makes normal testosterone levels high compared to progesterone.

So instead of progesterone dominating over testosterone, testosterone dominates progesterone and overstimulates the testosterone sensitive chin and jawline oil glands. This then triggers a pre-period hormonal acne flare-up.

Now the good news is hormonal chin acne treatment and hormonal jawline acne treatment is not confined to the birth control pill or Accutane/Roaccutane. You can fix these hormonal acne problems naturally.

In fact the best treatment for chin acne and jawline acne is natural because this way you fix the root cause of the problem, not just mask the symptoms.

The real key to fixing the root cause of hormonal chin acne and hormonal jawline acne is to pinpoint exactly what your testosterone, oestrogen and progesterone levels are. Then once we know these levels we can see what your imbalance is…

Is it high testosterone?

Or is it low progesterone or low oestrogen or both?

Or is it high testosterone and low progesterone?

Once the imbalance is identified then an individual natural hormone rebalancing plan of specific herbs, vitamins and minerals can be designed for you.

Foods That Cause Hormonal Acne

Now if you’re like the hundreds of young women I’ve consulted with then you’ve probably already started to clean up your diet. And rightly so!

It seems pretty logical that if you put junk food into your body then your skin is going to reflect this.

If your diet is made up of greasy, high carb, high sugar foods then your skin is going to get greasy, your pores are going to clog up and you’re going to get nasty looking pimples.

From your research into hormonal acne you’ve probably also discovered that not just junk food but sugar, dairy and gluten can also trigger hormonal acne. And I’d agree.

My patients commonly tell me that these foods make their hormonal acne much worse. This is because sugar, dairy and gluten containing foods cause inflammation throughout your body, particularly your skin pores.

And this is a problem because inflammation makes the androgen (male sex hormone) receptors on your skin cells super sensitive to androgens. As a result they secrete excessive amounts of oil and cause white heads and cystic acne.

But what do you do if you’re like many of my hormonal acne patients and you’ve already gone sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, Paleo or wholefood and you’re hormonal acne still persists?

What it means is your acne isn’t due to your diet. It’s because you have…

how to cure hormonal acneHormonal Acne Treatmentbest treatment for hormonal acneVitamins For Hormonal Acne

Hormonal Imbalance Acne

This means that no matter how clean you make your diet, or how toxin free your skin care products are, or how many topical treatments and peels you do, you won’t get rid of your hormonal acne.

To fix hormonal acne you need to uncover the hormones in your body that are out of balance.

And pretty obvious clue your acne is hormonal is if you take, or have taken, the contraceptive pill and your acne cleared up.

If this sounds familiar then 100% you’ve got hormonal acne.

The reason though you don’t want to be using the contraceptive pill to solve your hormonal acne problem is because…

One, it contains synthetic hormones.

And two, it doesn’t really solve your hormone imbalances.

This is because while your doctor might say to you that the contraceptive pill balances your hormones it does nothing of the sort. It actually turns off your hormones. The contraceptive pill suppresses ovulation, that’s why it’s a contraceptive.

So when you don’t ovulate you can’t balance your hormones because you’re not producing any.

So while the contraceptive pill is an easy option to clear up your skin the truth is it only masks your symptoms. It doesn’t fix them.

As soon as you stop taking the contraceptive pill your hormone imbalance will still be there and so your hormonal acne will return and often worse than before.

Plus if you plan to have a baby in the future, suppressing your cycle isn’t a great for your fertility.

Now that we understand what’s causing your hormonal acne the next thing is how do you cure hormonal acne due to hormone imbalance?

The answer is you need to get to re-balance your hormones.

How To Balance Hormones For Acne

The first step to balancing your hormones is to discover what hormones are out of balance. And the most accurate way you do this is obviously through testing.

I find it amazing that most of the hundreds of young women I consult with every year most have never had any hormone testing done. Usually because their doctor refused to do it.

You might have experienced this too.

You ask for your hormones to be checked but your doctor says “No, we don’t need to check them.”

Hayden Keys Expert

The doctor just wants to put you on the contraceptive pill straight away. They don’t believe it’s necessary to check your hormones because they’ve already made up their mind what they are going to do…

Put you on the contraceptive pill.

So in their way of thinking there’s no need to test anything.

I believe however that testing is the crucial step in eliminating hormonal acne. You and I need to know which of your hormones are out of balance so I can determine what specific herbs, vitamins and minerals you need to rebalance them, naturally.

Here are the results from one of my patients that highlights the sorts of hormonal imbalances I find lurking undiagnosed in the young women is consult with daily (these hormones were checked with a special saliva test not a blood test).

Hormal Acne TestNow if we don’t test how will we ever know which of your hormones need to be re-balanced to stop your hormonal acne persisting?

We won’t!

So this is why hormone testing is so crucial

Treatment of Hormonal Acne

3 steps for successful hormonal acne treatment

1. Saliva testing of testosterone, DHEA, progesterone, oestrogen and cortisol to pinpoint hormone imbalances.

Saliva is better than blood testing for what we want to look at because I’m not looking to see if you have a disease. Blood testing is great form that. However for hormone imbalance, saliva provides a better insight. Saliva tells us what the hormone levels are like right next to your cells, rather than what’s being carried through the bloodstream.

2. Blood tests to check iron, zinc and Vitamin D levels.

Low levels of critical nutrients can suppress your ovaries and their production of oestrogen and progesterone. And nutrient deficiencies can also make you cells more sensitive to androgens like testosterone.

3. Based on the results from the tests, formulate a natural hormone re-balancing program of herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Herbs, vitamins and minerals support your ovaries to make the correct amount of hormones rather than take over hormone production as the contraceptive pill does. When your hormones are balanced your oil production will be balanced which is true re-balancing.

Best Products For Hormonal Acne

The best natural remedies for hormonal acne can be broken down into three categories –

Best Herbs For Hormonal Acne

Vitex/Chaste Tree – this herb helps clear hormonal acne by indirectly raising your progesterone levels. Vitex works on your pituitary gland and suppresses the release of a hormone called prolactin (the hormone that makes women lactate).

Stress causes your pituitary gland to release extra prolactin which in turn suppresses progesterone production. Less progesterone means more oil and more acne. So Vitex prevents this happening.

Common signs you’re making too much prolactin are feeling irritable before your period and your breasts swell or are tender before your period.

Licorice & Paeony – these two herbs in combination help supress androgen (testosterone) production in women. Plus this combination also makes your cells less sensitive to androgens making it perfect for shutting down the excess oil caused by androgens and clearing up your hormonal acne.

Saw Palmetto – this herb stops testosterone exerting a strong effect on your cells. The weaker the effect of testosterone the less oil your skin produces and the less acne you have.

Blue Flag – this herb helps decongest your skin so that your acne isn’t so swollen and inflamed.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) – this is actually a specific nutrient extracted from cruciferous vegetables like broccoli. It’s great for hormonal acne because DIM makes your cells less sensitive to andogens and helps your body eliminate excess hormones.

Best Minerals For Hormonal Acne

Zinc – is essential for optimal ovary function but most importantly it is a potent anti-androgen. That means it makes your cells less sensitive to androgens and also helps your body eliminate them too.

Iron – is super important for optimal ovary function. You need your ovaries in tip top shape to make adequate levels of oestrogen and progesterone which heal your skin and supress oil production.

Iodine – like iron, iodine is critical for optimal ovary function. Plus like zinc it essential for eliminating hormones from your body.

Magnesium – is the number one mineral for insulin problems like insulin resistance. Keeping insulin down prevents it from stimulating your ovaries to make excess testosterone.

Best Vitamins For Hormonal Acne

Vitamin A – the natural cousin of Accutane/Roaccutane. Vitamin A helps control and minimise oil production. Plus it is an essential nutrient for skin healing.

Vitamin D – is critical for optimal ovary function. Optimum Vitamin D levels allow your ovaries to make optimum amounts of oestrogen and progesterone.

The beautiful thing about herbs, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients is they can truly rebalance your hormones. They make your ovaries work properly so they release optimum levels of oestrogen and progesterone and not too much testosterone.

Hormone imbalances are corrected, oil production is normalised, hormonal acne is eliminated and your skin clears up.

Hormonal Acne Cure

Being an expert in eliminating hormonal acne naturally I commonly get asked the following questions…

How to cure hormonal imbalance acne

How to treat hormonal acne

How to get rid of hormonal acne

How to stop hormonal

How  to cure female hormonal acne?

Hormonal acne treatment for adults

Hormonal acne treatment for teenagers

The best treatment for hormonal acne

The best topical treatment for hormonal acne

The best spot treatment for hormonal acne

Hormonal acne medication

And so on.

But no matter what the question about treating or ‘curing’ hormonal acne is there really is only one way to go about it. You need to balance your hormones so that your skin stops overproducing oil permanently.

Hormonal Acne Solutions

Now to discover what hormone imbalances are causing your hormonal acne and the natural hormonal acne remedies that are the best for you, as opposed to synthetic hormones and drug remedies, what you need to do is call me today and organise a Hormonal Acne Assessment Consultation.

During your 60 minute consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current acne and hormone problems
  • Your diet and exercise habits
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history

Then I can determine what specific saliva and blood tests you need to do to pinpoint, with laser like accuracy, the hormonal imbalances causing your hormonal acne.

Then once I have all this critical information I can develop you an individualised plan to rebalance your hormones naturally so you can have beautiful clear skin.

To schedule your Hormonal Acne Assessment Consultation call Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre now on 61 2 9524 2471 (this is our Sydney clinic located at: 3/522 Kingsway, MirandaNew South Wales2228Australia) If you are not local I do phone and online consultations too

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