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This means that no matter how clean you make your diet, how toxin free your skincare products are, or how many topical treatments and peels you do, you won’t get rid of your hormonal acne.

To fix hormonal acne you need to uncover the hormones in your body that are out of balance.

And a pretty obvious clue your acne is hormonal is if you take, or have taken, the contraceptive pill and your acne cleared up.

If this sounds familiar then 100% you’ve got hormonal acne.

The reason though you don’t want to be using the contraceptive pill to solve your hormonal acne problem is because…

One, it contains synthetic hormones.

And two, it doesn’t really solve your hormone imbalances.

This is because while your doctor might say to you that the contraceptive pill balances your hormones it does nothing of the sort. It actually turns off your hormones. The contraceptive pill suppresses ovulation, that’s why it’s a contraceptive.

So when you don’t ovulate you can’t balance your hormones because you’re not producing any.

So while the contraceptive pill is an easy option to clear up your skin the truth is it only masks your symptoms. It doesn’t fix them.

As soon as you stop taking the contraceptive pill your hormone imbalance will still be there and so your hormonal acne will return and often worse than before.

Plus if you plan to have a baby in the future, suppressing your cycle isn’t great for your fertility.

Now that we understand what’s causing your hormonal acne the next thing is how do you cure hormonal acne due to hormone imbalance?

The answer is you need to get to re-balance your hormones.

How To Cure Hormone Imbalance Acne

The first step to balancing your hormones is to discover what hormones are out of balance. And the most accurate way you do this is obviously through testing.

I find it amazing that most of the hundreds of young women I consult with every year have never had any hormone testing done. Usually, because their doctor refused to do it.

You might have experienced this too.

Hayden Keys ExpertYou ask for your hormones to be checked but your doctor says “No, we don’t need to check them.”

The doctor just wants to put you on the contraceptive pill straight away. They don’t believe it’s necessary to check your hormones because they’ve already made up their mind what they are going to do…

Put you on the contraceptive pill.

So in their way of thinking there’s no need to test anything.

I believe however that testing is the crucial step in eliminating hormonal acne. You and I need to know which of your hormones are out of balance so I can determine what specific herbs, vitamins and minerals you need to rebalance them, naturally.

Here are the results from one of my patients that highlights the sorts of hormonal imbalances I find lurking undiagnosed in the young women who are consulted with daily (these hormones were checked with a special saliva test, not a blood test).

Hormonal Acne Test Results

Now if we don’t test how will we ever know which of your hormones need to be re-balanced to stop your hormonal acne from persisting?

We won’t!

So this is why hormone testing is so crucial.

To get our help to get your hormones tested and a personalised acne elimination supplement plan created for you click here.

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