How to Cure Female Hormonal Acne?

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Female hormonal acne isn’t just an issue for teenagers. Surprisingly just as many young women in their 20’s experience female hormonal acne as teenagers (up to 80%).

And although acne isn’t a life-threatening condition, it can be a life-ruining.

Every day in my office I see young women whose acne issues are ruling their lives.

They tell me they feel embarrassed about their skin and they feel judged because they think other people think they must be eating junk food and not cleansing properly to have acne like this.

When the fact is, they eat super healthily and take care of their skin better than most.

But despite everything they do their acne only gets marginally better at best.

And it really starts to get them down. They’re putting so much effort but not seeing any results. They don’t feel like going out, definitely not without makeup. They feel alone and they start to feel like there’s no hope.

But the good news is if any of this sounds familiar to you, there is hope.

There is a way to treat your female hormonal acne without resorting to antibiotics, the birth control pill or Accutane/Roaccutane.

You can eliminate female hormonal acne naturally with herbs, vitamins, minerals and other natural supplements. The secret is to follow a tried and tested blueprint.

At the Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre, I’ve developed a Hormonal Acne Cure Blueprint from consulting with and successfully treating close to 1000 women suffering from female hormonal acne.

Simple 4 Step Process to Cure Female Hormonal Acne

  1. Test your hormones and nutrients via blood and saliva.

If you have hormonal acne the first place you need to start is getting your hormones and critical skin nutrients checked. Every person is unique and has their own specific hormone imbalances and hormone levels. So to know EXACTLY what yours are you need to test. You might find your doctor is reluctant to do this because they just want to give you the birth control pill or Accutane but the only way to properly rebalance your hormones long term is to use a natural approach. And to know what herbs and supplements YOU need to test. To discover the 10 critical hormones you need to get checked to eliminate hormonal acne click here to get my FREE download.

  1. Pinpoint your specific hormone imbalances from your test results.

Testing allows you to pinpoint what YOUR specific hormone imbalances are. Your test results will reveal these and once you have pinpointed these, you’re all set to create your own personalised supplement program.

  1. Identify the exact herbs, vitamins, minerals that will correct your hormone and nutritional imbalances to create an individualised supplement program

Most women suffering from female hormonal acne will have tried supplements before, usually without any success, and the reason for this is because the supplements they were taking weren’t the right ones for them. They might have been the right ones for someone else but because not for them. Once you have your test results it gives you an insight you’ve never previously had and allows you to pick supplements to specifically target your imbalances. This way you cut out all the guess work and it saves you time and money to get your skin clear.

  1. Be consistent and stay on your plan long enough to reset your hormone rhythms

Improvements happen early on, but you need to stick with your plan long enough for your new hormone levels to become the new normal. Over the years I’ve seen too many women stop their supplement program too early and as soon as they do their hormone levels go back out of balance and their acne returns. It’s important to remember that your hormone cycles are monthly so it’s going to take a couple of cycles to get the hormone levels optimal. Then it will take a good few more cycles after that for the new levels to become locked in.

So if you’re suffering from female hormonal acne and you want to stop just Band-Aiding the problem with the birth control pill, antibiotics or Accutane and want to treat it naturally and permanently then we have ways we can help you. Click here to discover which option is best for you.

So let’s get your hormones and critical nutrients tested, your test results interpreted and a personalised supplement program created so you can have naturally picture-perfect skin.

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