How to make sure you are eating enough protein

The recommended daily protein intake can vary depending on factors such as age, sex, weight, physical activity level, and overall health.

However, a general guideline for healthy adults is:

  • Sedentary adults should aim for 0.8gms per kg of body weight
  • Moderately active adults should aim for 1.2gms per kg of body weight
  • Highly active adults should aim for 1.4gms per kg of body weight

Here is a list of protein per 100g serve:

  • Quinoa 14.1g
  • Brown rice 7.5g
  • 1 Egg 6g
  • 1 date 2.5g
  • Lentils 24.6g
  • Chickpeas 20.3g
  • Tofu 17.3g
  • Beef steak 22g
  • Beef mince 17.2g
  • Chicken breast 23.1g
  • Lambchop 18.3g
  • Almonds 21.2g
  • Brazil nuts 14.3g
  • Flaxseeds 18.3g
  • Walnuts 18g
  • Salmon 20g
  • Broccoli 2.8g
  • Mushrooms 2.5g
  • Potatoes 2g

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