Is hormonal acne itchy?

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Hormonal acne is often caused by the following factors:

  • An excess of sebum (oil) production in the sebaceous (oil) glands of the skin. Normally the oil helps to protect the skin and keep it smooth and supple, but when something causes it to be produced in excess this causes acne
  • Dry skin cells clogging pores
  • Bacteria inside the sebaceous glands overgrow

(Learn if your hormonal acne is hormonal or bacterial here)

But why does hormonal acne itch?

Here are the main reasons that make hormonal acne itchy:

  • The skin reacts to the use of a topical treatment. Some topical treatments are drying and cause friction on the skin surface which triggers an itch sensation
  • Clogged and cramped pores become inflamed and swollen. Pressure build up inside the pimple causes it to become itchy
  • When hormonal acne becomes very inflamed nerve endings in the skin become irritated which causes itching
  • If acne-causing bacteria, called Propionibacterium acnes, overgrow within a clogged pore they can release excess amounts of inflammatory toxins that react with the skin and trigger acne

Now the best way to stop the itch is to eliminate the acne. No acne, no itch.

Topical treatments to kill skin bacteria and reduce skin inflammation might seem like the obvious solution but the problem with this approach is it only masks the itch.

Topical treatments don’t get to the root cause of hormonal acne which is hormone imbalances.

So the goal of hormonal acne treatment should be to uncover the underlying hormone imbalances and treat them rather than treating the symptoms only. Learn more about this on our Ultimate Hormonal Acne Treatment Guide.

The most successful way to do this is to test your hormones first before trying to balance your hormones with supplements.

Test, don’t guess is the way to go.

Testing uncovers the underlying hormone imbalance that’s causing increased oil production and bacterial overgrowth in your clogged pores.

Then once you have that information you can work to bring your hormones gently back into balance with herbs, supplements and lifestyle and dietary modifications that are suited to your specific individual physiology!

If itchy acne is getting you down then we are here to help you. We have helped over 1000 women eliminate their hormonal acne naturally and we can help you too.

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  1. Doris

    I’m battling itchy acne with white tip heads and red balls. I belive it’s hormonal related because my monthly circle isn’t regulating as should. Though I just stopped breastfeeding because I had a baby 5 months ago.

    1. Post
      Hayden Keys

      Hi Lucy, thank you for reaching out. I agree with you your acne issue sounds hormonal. What we need to do to get this sorted out for you is to schedule an initial consultation with myself or Margaret so we can get a full understanding of what’s going on and what will be the best test to check your hormones and pinpoint the issue. If you are in Australia you can call the clinic on 02 9524 2471 or if you are international or find it easier then click this link to schedule your consultation online

      Healthy regards, Hayden Keys

      1. Emma Mette Walter

        Hi im 13 years old and my acne started to itch really randomly a few weeks ago. I’ve had hormonal acne since i was 6-7 years old an ive never experienced itchy acne. Yesterday i started using the Australien bodycare tee tree oil skincare, im wondering if it may be that, but im not so sure because the itching started weeks ago. Im really confused about my skin.

        1. Post
          Hayden Keys

          Hi Emma, from what yopu say I don’t think the skincare is causing the itch. If the itch is bacterial or fungal then the skincare should help it. We don’t usually find hormonal acne is itchy so what I thinki the best thi g to do is schedule a consultation with myself or Margaret. This way you can give us the whole story about you acne, diet and lifestyle and then we can work out the best fix for you. To schedule a consultation click this clink

          Healthy regards, Hayden Keys

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