Good News For Anyone Who Still Has A Health Problem –
Even Though Every Doctor, Dietician or Blood Test Claims Everything Is “Normal

Read on to finally discover why you’re still having problems…

The first thing to understand is the shortcoming of what’s been done so far…

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Most Approaches Fail (And What You Should Watch Out For)!

1) Using standard pathology tests to identify non-pathological problems.

I don’t know how many times I’ve had patients tell me they’ve had their thyroid or hormones checked and the doctor told them they were normal.

What the result actually means is that you don’t have a thyroid disease (pathology).

The test didn’t say if your hormone levels are optimal and that’s the issue.

When hormones get even just a little bit out of balance it can have a massive impact on your body. Standard pathology tests won’t identify this but there are sophisticated functional tests that can.

Then for gut problems there are procedures like colonoscopies. These are used to try and identify unseen issues. But colonoscopies are only good for detecting large scale problems like narrowings, scaring, ulcers, polyps and tumours. They don’t show what’s going on at a microscopic level in your gut such as the balance of good and bad bacteria or the presence of microscopic parasites.

To identify these you need to do a thorough stool test.

So beware and be on the lookout for practitioners who only use standard pathology tests.

2) Relying on diet alone to fix your problems.

Dieticians and some naturopaths try to solve weight, energy and digestive problems by only addressing the diet. While what you eat is the foundation of your health and making dietary modifications can definitely help, food will never be the whole answer.

There is more going on in every condition than just your food. Even in weight loss.

There are so many other factors that cause weight gain, bloating, fatigue and bowel problems like stress, thyroid dysfunction, sex hormones, poor sleep, parasites and biochemical dysfunctions.

So again beware of a practitioner who doesn’t address these deeper issues.

3) Searching for the magic bullet.

Unfortunately many health practitioners, doctors and natural medicine practitioners alike, look for the one “magic” drug or supplement that’s going to solve all your problems. The reality is there is no magic bullet.

Supplements are called supplements for a reason. They are to supplement or support a comprehensive treatment plan. Their job is the speed up your results, and plug the holes that deficiencies cause, while you master the foundations your health is built upon (diet, sleep, exercise, relaxation and water intake).

Supplements on their own can’t fix anything so beware of practitioners who ONLY put you on TONS of supplements.

4) Chasing symptoms. The things that bother you most are your symptoms (weight gain, fatigue, bloating, gut pain, PMS etc). And so it can be very easy to get caught in the trap of chasing symptom relief. A pill for this and a pill for that, which is the mainstream medical approach.

But as I’m sure you already understand your symptoms are a manifestation of some deeper underlying problem. Your body is a complex system and if you want to eliminate your symptoms you need to identify and treat their underlying cause. And you can’t hope to do that unless you do the proper testing.

And then with the results formulate a holistic customised health plan that corrects your underlying issues and your symptoms.

So again beware of practitioners who only focus on symptoms.

Understanding & Restoring Your Balance

Now to really get to the heart of your weight or health problems you need some help from someone who understands the interactions between the different systems in your body. How a problem in one part causes problems in others. And how to then coordinate a treatment plan to restore balance and harmony to your metabolism, your hormones, your digestion and your emotions.

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3 Key Skills A Practitioner Needs To Turn The Tide In Your Favour

  1. They test your three body systems. For a thorough approach to return harmony to your body you need to test at a minimum your three main body systems.
    1. Your hormonal system
    2. Your gastrointestinal/digestive system
    3. Your detoxification systemUsing targeted lab testing (that you do in privacy of your own home) for each of these body systems a skilled practitioner can discover where your metabolism or health is broken. And then customise a natural health plan to repair and rebalance your body.Not only that the practitioner you need is able to look at your blood tests and identify emerging issues (like high normal and low normal readings that are still within the ‘normal’ range) before they become full blown health problems.
  1. They fix the underlying cause. Your weight or health problems, as you have already discovered, are a result of more than just the food you eat. A breakdown in any of your three main body systems spells disaster for your metabolism, your digestion, your hormones and your energy levels. So the skilled practitioner you need is able to interpret the findings of the advanced functional tests you do and identify the root causes of weight loss resistance, hormonal imbalances, gut dysfunctions and energy problems.
  1. They understand your suffering. Too many people’s health problems, like yours, are dismissed by doctors as not important because they’re not life threatening. What the doctors don’t understand is that while the problem might not be life threatening it can be life ruining.How can you really enjoy life if your feel unattractive, sluggish, tired, irritable, moody or depressed all the time? How can you enjoy life if you’re too scared to eat anything or travel anywhere because you live in fear of an embarrassing flare-up of your gut problems?You can’t!The practitioner you need understands the physical and or emotional pain you’re suffering with. Even though you’re not dying they are hell bent on freeing you from it. The practitioner you need understands which of your body systems has crashed, what test you need to do, what foods you need to eat, what supplements you’ll need to take, what activity you need to do, how much sleep you need and how to change your mindset so that you can really enjoy and participate in life again.

Will This Work For You?

If you’re reading this now you’re probably thinking this all sounds great but will it work for me?

Which is perfectly normal because no doubt you have tried so many things before. Or consulted with many specialists and nothing has worked so it’s only natural to be sceptical.

And after so many unsuccessful attempts to lose weight or get healthy it would be easy to feel frustrated and disheartened. It’s enough to make you think about giving up completely.

And this is why I created this choosing the right practitioner resource page.
I know there is still a little glimmer of hope left inside you that believes achieving your dream figure or being energetic or living free of bloating and IBS is still possible.

I want you to know you can finally solve the mystery behind your weight loss difficulties or health problems… and you can find the help you need to achieve your dream figure or the health you deserve… for life.

Get Help From An Expertly Trained & Highly Skilled Functional Medicine Practitioner Today

Here’s what I know after helping over three thousand people over fourteen years…
Skilled Functional Medicine Practitioners seem impossible to find.

They’re practitioners who have been trained by the best minds in functional medicine like Dr Dan Kalish and Dr Tom O’Bryan. And have years of experience using their time tested protocols.

And when you do find them they can be booked out because they are RARE!
But I am one of them.

It might be surprise you to hear that some of my patients drive 90 minutes… each way… sometimes weekly…just to see me. These patients must have passed at least 10 other Naturopaths on their way to see me.

And then there’s the patients who contact me from places all over the world wanting me to help them solve their weight and health problems.
But if that is not surprising enough I have countless patients who don’t have private health cover and happily pay for their care out of their own pocket.
You might wonder why…

But you see, once you’re appreciated and treated the way you’re supposed to be and have your problems finally solved…you recognize the difference… and then you won’t wonder either.

Here at Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre I look beyond regular blood tests and your diet. I look beyond just your physical health to uncover what really are the underlying causes of your weight, health and happiness problems.

Your problems are manifestations of hormonal, biochemical and emotional imbalances that a drug or change in diet alone won’t fix. And so to solve your fat burning, digestive, energy or happiness issues you need a thorough approach.

And that is what I offer. Please let me introduce myself…

I’m Hayden Keys and I’m a highly trained naturopath and functional medicine practitioner. Since completing my Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) and graduating with distinction from Western Sydney University in 2005 I have trained with some of the world’s best functional medicine practitioners.

Graduated with a distinction from Western Sydney University in 2005.

2008 Functional Medicine University – the pioneering course in functional medicine.

2011 The Kalish Method – World renowned Dr Dan Kalish’ advanced functional medicine course and mentorship program. Dr Kalish has been at the forefront of functional medicine for over 20 years and his program is widely regarded as ‘the best’!

2015 Certified Gluten Practitioner – world leading gluten expert Dr Tom O’Bryan’s program on how to identify and treat non-coeliac gluten sensitivity.

I have successfully helped over 3000 patients over the last 14 years. And not all my patients come from the Sutherland Shire where Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre is located. Many of my patients come from all over Sydney and are happy to travel 1 to 2 hours to seek my expert help. And with the online revolution I’m now receiving calls for help and being able to help patients’ interstate and internationally via online video conferencing.

So if you have tried everything and everyone and you’re still suffering then let’s get to the bottom of your problems once and for all. Let me run the rule over your health and metabolism and discover what imbalances and dysfunctions you have so we can set them straight.

During a 60 minute initial assessment consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current weight, gut, hormonal or other health problems
  • Your diet, digestive, exercise, sleep and lifestyle habits
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history

And then determine what particular functional (not regular pathology) tests to you’ll need to do so I can determine with laser like accuracy the root cause of your issues.

Then once I have all this critical information I can then develop an individualised health recovery plan for you that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Your initial 60 minute assessment consultation costs $270.

To schedule your initial assessment consultation call Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre on 02 9524 2471, email the clinic at or click here to book online.

If you are not local that’s okay because we offer online consultations for you just call, send us an email or book online.