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P.S. See what my patients have to say…

"My overall skin looks SO much better in general. Those cystic spots are drastically clearing up after months of just sitting there.

Thanks so much!"

Lori Williams

"I had an issue with my skin because of testosterone excess from my PCOS. Hayden has helped me immensely by suggesting holistic options that have naturally balanced out my skin and hormonal issues. I am very grateful to have found Hayden in a time I needed the most."
Ale Xavier

"Last year I decided to get of the birth control pill after almost 15 years of using them. Three months after, I started getting oily skin, lots of acne in my chin/neck and chest /backarea and my hair was falling more than usual.  After trying various creams, facials and perfect skincare routine I started working with Hayden and he sent me various supplements. I was amazed on how quickly I started seeing results, month by month my acne started going away, my cycles regulated and even my sleep improved. Four months later my skin is clear and my body acne is mostly gone and I am feeling so much better with myself and my body.


Daniela San Gil

"My skin is amazingly clear and glowing which I’m super happy about, and I have gone from having two periods in a row of 24 days long each (before tonic) to a recent period of only 8 days which was also extremely light, so that was pleasant and it’s nice to see that change is happening.

Thank you."

Alex Byron

"I have struggled with hormonal acne for the past 2 years. Acne takes away all your confidence, you never have the courage to look people in the eye cause you are always afraid of what they may think of you. Since working with Hayden over the past 4 months, my skin has improved significantly, and I couldn’t be happier. I have a much more positive outlook on life and finally feel comfortable in my own skin!"
Maddison Stubbs

"Hi Hayden,

My supplements are working incredibly well and my skin in completely clear now. I feel so good, more me than ever before, so thank you so much. 

Thank you,"

Charlotte Faye

"Hayden is a miracle worker!! I went to him for hormonal imbalance which was masked by the contraceptive pill. He was so helpful in assisting me in undergoing tests which turned up results which explained everything! After some herbs and supplements, my skin was transformed!!

Thank you, Hayden!"

Hannah David Wright

"It has been 2 and a half weeks since I started the supplements and I am thanking you from the bottom of my heart as my acne issue and oily skin is clearing."

"I've actually quite enjoyed taking the supplements and herbs. It's been about two weeks now and I've noticed some good changes. I'm sleeping well, my anxiety has improved and I feel a lot more relaxed. I don't get that nervous energy anymore. I also haven't been having many break outs too. I've noticed a few but nothing major! I'm really pleased 😊😊

Much thanks!"

Rebecca Bull

"Hi Hayden,

Thank you for your time this morning, was great to remind myself of where things were and how we've progressed.

I was at my wits end after coming off the pill in 2015, my skin went haywire, it went from a clear complexion to oily whiteheads and deep cystic acne. Over the years I tried every cream, serum, face wash, mask to achieve the clear skin I had whilst on the pill. I spent thousands on peels, needling, microdermabrasion etc. Everything under the sun that promised me acne-free skin, you name it, chances are I tried it.

I was convinced that no matter what I tried, long-lasting results were a myth. It was then, by chance, that I came across Hayden Keys’ webpage on hormonal acne. It resonated so deeply that I felt that familiar surge of hope but at the same time, I was sceptical, after all I'd tried everything... how was this going to be any different?

Based on the results from the tests, I was prescribed a natural hormone re-balancing program and after just 4 weeks of my daily 'elixir' and supplements, I started seeing a noticeable difference. The existing spots dried up and healed without any additional creams, what used to be deep cystic type acne, started looking like tiny unnoticeable little bumps under the skin. My mood swings significantly reduced and altogether I started to feel 'normal'. I am now 8 weeks in and I actually get complemented on my skin (WHAT?!)

If you can relate to any of the above, I cannot recommend Hayden enough! I honestly can't believe the results (take a look at the photos), each week gets better and better.


Holly Guy