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Top 10 products for your hormonal acne

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We’re often asked what our Top 10 products are to treat hormonal acne.  

No need to keep asking.  Here are the best products according to our Sydney naturopath.

Our top 10 products we recommend for hormonal acne

1. Vitex

Vitex helps boost progesterone levels.  Low levels can lead to androgen excess which amplifies testosterone production in the skin and can lead to acne.  Vitex helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, reduce PMS, and encourage ovulation.

2. Licorice & Paeonia

Licorice & Paeonia combination because together they have an anti-androgenic effect. They help lower androgens (male hormones) that can cause over production of sebum and acne.

3. Prostate support supplement

Prostate support supplement, are not for MEN-ONLY. They are perfect for women with acne, because they usually contain herbs and nutrients to rebalance male and female hormones. Herbs like saw palmetto and nettle root make androgen (male hormone) receptors less sensitive to androgens.

4. Dim

Dim is an anti-androgenic nutrient extracted from cruciferous vegetables. It makes androgen receptors less sensitive to high levels of testosterone & DHEAS and aids the detoxification of excess hormones to keep circulating levels normal.

5. Lipotropic formula

Lipotropic formula, supports hormone detoxification and gives your body all the right nutrients to make hormones and clear them effectively.

6. Zinc

Zinc helps balance hormones by balancing blood sugar levels, encouraging skin cell repair and reducing acne inflammation. 

7. Ashwagandha, Rhodiola & Ginseng

Ashwagandha, Rhodiola & Ginseng, help your body adapt to stress, improve your body’s production of female hormones, and move those female hormones into a more dominant state over male hormones.

8. Multi mineral powder

Multi Mineral Powder provides nutrients to re-regulate cortisol and DHEAS, detoxify and eliminate excess testosterone and oestrogen from the body, heal skin and reduce the effects of male hormones on cells.

9. Iodine

Iodine is necessary for skin repair and rejuvenation and can help balance out the hormones responsible for acne breakouts.

10. Fish oil

Fish Oil contains EPA and DHA which are omega-3 fatty acids that help to regulate the production of sebum, an oil secreted in the skin to help keep skin moist.  When there’s too much sebum, hair follicles can become clogged and cause acne.


Which hormonal acne product is right for you?

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But which of these amazing products is going to be suitable to fix your acne?  

It’s impossible to say because everyone is unique. 

So for this reason it’s especially important to pinpoint the underlying cause of your hormonal acne. 


Which is why, ‘Test! Don’t guess!’ is our motto.


Testing your hormones reveals your individual hormone imbalance issues.

This way we can treat the root cause, not just the symptoms, and make sure you take the correct herbs and supplements to clear your skin.

Just like we have with over a thousand other women.


So if you want to fix the root cause of your acne and know you are taking the correct supplements then there are two ways you can get our help. 

Discover which picture perfect option is best way for you.

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