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Just because you are menopausal doesn’t mean you can’t lose weight. A lot of women who come to see me think that once they go through menopause they are destined to put on weight.

Although this is common it doesn’t mean it’s the natural course of events. If your body is functioning well menopause is an uneventful transition and you can lose weight without difficulty.

What makes it such a problem these days is that not many women’s bodies are functioning optimally by the time they hit menopause. What should happen when your ovaries pack it in and stop producing oestrogen is your stress glands (the adrenal glands) should step in to take up the slack.

Adrenal Fatigue

Your adrenal glands should be able to produce enough oestrogen to meet your female requirements and keep you symptom-free. Unfortunately, life has just been getting busier and busier for each successive generation. And after 50 years or so of living, raising a family and working, your poor old adrenal glands are all exhausted.

So when you hit menopause your adrenal glands can’t produce enough oestrogen and the menopausal symptoms start. And if the hot flushes aren’t enough the weight gain starts.

And if you throw in on top of this a lifetime of exposure to pollution, household chemicals, pesticides and food preservatives that make your liver sluggish and slows down your metabolism, is it any wonder you can’t lose weight.

So if you are about to go through, are going through or have already been through menopause and you want to lose weight you need to do more than just cut back your calories.

You need an integrated hormone balancing, detoxification and diet modification program

When you address these three areas you are able to lose weight just like when you were young.

Replenishing your adrenals with the right nutrients and herbs lifts oestrogen levels and prevents menopausal weight gain.

A good liver tonic is essential for ridding your body of all those accumulated wastes and getting your liver back into tip-top shape so it can burn fat and carbohydrates efficiently and lose weight easily. When this starts to happen you get a major boost in energy levels and mood.

And finally, you need to cut back your carbs and eat a bit more natural saturated fat found in butter and animal products. Saturated fat is the building block of oestrogen. So all those years of low-fat eating have been setting you up for a major fall when you hit menopause.

Get these three aspects right and you’ll lose weight like never before. Ignore them and just focus on calories and fat and you’ll continue to struggle.

Until next time, Healthy eating

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