The Best Hormonal Acne Supplements To Take Before You Stop The Birth Control Pill

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If you’ve tried coming off the birth control before you might have experienced a massive flare-up in hormonal acne. Or if you’re thinking about stopping the birth control pill you might be worried you’re going to break out in acne again. But no matter what it is the good news is there are some simple supplements you can take before you stop the ‘Pill’ to minimise the chance of a post ‘Pill’ hormonal acne breakout.

So, let’s get into what you need to do to prevent that acne breakout. 

The first thing we need to understand is what happens… and why it is… you break out after you stop the pill? 

When you take the birth control pill, what happens is you artificially push your female hormone levels up (that is your estrogen and your progesterone). What this does is makes them the dominant hormones in your body. Because when you’re a woman, you want oestrogen and progesterone to be the dominant hormones and you want them to dominate the effects of male sex hormones, like testosterone or dihydrotestosterone (also called DHT). Because, as we’ll go through in a minute, male sex hormones increase oil production, increased pore size and cause acne.

Now when you take the pill, what’s happening in your body is not what your doctor has told you. When you’ve first prescribed the hormonal birth control pill, you’re told it’s going to regulate your periods or regulate your cycle. And you needed to take it to correct your irregular period or your heavy bleeding, or your period pain, or your acne. But whatever it was the birth control pill didn’t ‘regulate’ your period/cycle, it turned off your female hormonal cycle. 

This is why you can’t get pregnant. 

This is why it’s a contraceptive. 

The pill shuts down natural hormone production and replaces it with synthetic hormones. And this stops you from ovulating. Which is why you can’t get pregnant. It’s not hormone balancing, it’s hormone stopping.

So the big problem you face when you stop the pill is you have to wait for your brain and your ovaries to start talking again. And then when they do it takes time for your ovaries to start producing the optimal amount of female hormones again. But when your ovaries have been turned off by the pill, very often they don’t kick back into action immediately. 

I have some patients who came to see me and they haven’t had a period since stopping the pill for three months, six months, and in some cases more than 12 months.

Not because their ovaries don’t work but because their brain and the ovaries forgot how to talk to each other after being suppressed. 


So after stopping the pill what you’re left with is the hormone imbalance you had before the pill, or maybe even more imbalance now. 

So to reiterate…The birth control pill doesn’t balance your hormones, it turns them off, and that’s a big, big issue

So then one of the reasons you start breaking out after stopping the pill is because once you stop taking the synthetic hormones there’s no natural production to replace them initially. Your female hormone levels drop dramatically and there’s nothing to dominate the male sex hormones. 

This causes an effect as if the male sex hormones are high, so you get overproduction of oil, an increase in pore size, and acne along the jaw, around the chin, on the cheeks and temples, and sometimes on the chest and back.

A second reason you break out after stopping the birth control pill is that it suppresses male sex hormones, so then when you stop the pill the male sex hormones can rebound to abnormally high levels.

Male sex hormones needed to be suppressed because testosterone and DHT increase the poor sizes and increased oil production. Think of teenage boys, they’re very pimply, they’re very oily, they got acne along their jaw, on their face, on their back, and on their chest, because they’ve got a lot of testosterone surging. So, their oil production is right up. 

So when you stop the pill the rebound in your male sex hormone levels causes your skin to behave like a teenage boy. Oil production shoots up the pores get clogged, and then you get all this hormonal acne along your jaw, maybe on your cheeks, up near your temples, and in some cases on your body as well.

So what can you do to prevent a post-pill acne breakout once you discover that the pill isn’t the best way to cure your hormonal acne and you decide that you want to take a natural approach? 

What you need to do is you need to control male sex hormones before you come off the pill. 

The good news is there are some supplements that can minimize their effect before and after you come off the birth control pill. There are herbs and nutrients that naturally suppress male sex hormone production. There are herbs and nutrients that naturally make your pores and follicles much less sensitive to male sex hormones. And there are also nutrients you need to replenish because the pill depletes them. 

There are many studies showing that the pill depletes various important vitamins and minerals so that when you come off the pill, your body can’t work properly. And so oil production and acne can get out of control.

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