Unexpected Benefit of Quitting Cigarettes

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An Unexpected Benefit of Quitting Cigarettes

When you quit smoking, a whole new world awaits you. You’ll have more money. Better health. You won’t smell it. And you won’t be a slave to a hideous addiction. As a smoker, you know all this. And they are all good reasons to quit.

Yet there is one thing about quitting many of my hypnotherapy clients tell me they cherish above anything else.

  • One thing that’s better than better health…
  • One thing that’s better than saving all that money…
  • One thing that’s better than smelling nice for a change.

And that one thing is simply…


  • Freedom to leave the house without panicking about your smokes.
  • Freedom to go to the movies and actually enjoy the show instead of thinking about rushing outside for a quick puff.
  • Freedom to enjoy the company of others, without slipping out for a quick smoke.
  • Freedom to enjoy your life without worrying about or even thinking about cigarettes.

That’s what gets my clients excited. The freedom!

Take one of my clients for example. He’s in business. Travels a lot. And he’s constantly getting on planes.

Which makes it hard when you’re a smoker. But no matter how hard it got, he would still manage to smoke.

If he had a connecting flight, he would scurry off the plane, down through the terminal, and rush outside to the designated smoking area. And then he would have to go back through security, unpack his laptop, take off his belt, and everything else you need to do.

He would then rush to his departure gate, and be one of the last ones to board, once again timing it just right.

He repeated this process every time he travelled which was every week. It was a hassle. But what could he do?

Well through hypnotherapy he quit smoking.

And it wasn’t long after he sent me a note.

He’s still travelling, but instead of rushing outside then back through security when he’s got a connecting flight, he sits back in the lounge, has a coffee and relaxes before his next flight.

Now that’s freedom!

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