Losing weight after menopause

When a woman hits menopause it’s like switch gets flicked and suddenly things start to go haywire in your body. Your thermostat goes crazy.

One minute your cold then the next you hot. You can’t sleep the whole night through. Bing! You find yourself waking between 2am and 4am with your mind buzzing and you can’t get back to sleep.

Fix MenopauseAnd if those two things weren’t bad enough your metabolism then fizzles out and the body fat starts to pile on. Faster than it has ever before and no matter what you do you can’t get it down. You try the diets that used to work for you before menopause but now they don’t. You try upping your exercise but it doesn’t make a difference. And so it starts to get disheartening because you feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. You start to think do I just have to accept this is how it’s going to be now that you’re older?

The good news is menopause doesn’t have to spell the end of you having a nice slim figure.

The secret to rebooting your metabolism is in correcting the obvious hormonal imbalance menopause has caused.

As you know menopause is the result of your ovaries wearing out. It’s a natural event that occurs to every woman. What’s not natural, and where your problems start, is that your hormone levels drop much lower than they are supposed to when you hit menopause.

Before menopause your ovaries were your main source of oestrogen and progesterone, but not the only source. You also produced oestrogen and progesterone in your adrenal glands (your stress glands). At menopause, when your ovaries stopped, your adrenal glands were meant to take up the slack and supply your body with the oestrogen and progesterone it needed. But not enough to keep you fertile.

fix-hot-flushesHowever because of years of stress (births, deaths, marriages, divorces, raising kids, working, paying off mortgages and so on) by the time you hit menopause your poor old adrenal glands are burnt out. So they don’t produce the amount of oestrogen and progesterone they should and so your hormone levels bottom out and the hot flushes, insomnia and weight gain start.

The key then to re-igniting your metabolism and making your life bearable again is to boost your hormone levels up to where they should be for a woman your age. And you want to do that naturally because synthetic hormones (HRT) can be a big issue themselves.

The first thing then you need to do to is find out what your hormone levels are like. You need to identify how burnt out your poor old adrenal glands are. To do this you’ll need to do what is called a ‘functional’ adrenal and female hormone profile. This is different to the regular tests your GP would run for you. The tests the GP does are pathology tests and look for diseases. They don’t show up the hormone dysfunctions that are making your life a misery.

Functional tests are more sensitive and so reveal the information I need to get your metabolism back on track. The other benefit of the functional tests you’ll need to do is that they are painless, non-invasive and you can do then at home.

So to discover how to get your hormones rebalanced and start shedding your unwanted body fat all you need to do is call us today and organise a Fat Belly to Flat Belly assessment consultation.

During your 60 minute consultation with me I will thoroughly assess…

  • Your current weight and hormone problems
  • Your diet and exercise habits
  • Your previous medical and lifestyle history
  • Your body composition (fat, muscle & fluid levels) and the health of your cells

And also determine if you’ll need to do special functional (not regular pathology) tests to determine with laser like accuracy if hormonal imbalances are holding you back.

Then once I have all this critical information I can develop an individualised plan that fits your needs and lifestyle that wakes up your metabolism naturally so you can regain your dream figure.

To schedule your Fat Belly To Flat Belly assessment consultation call Happy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre on 9524 2471.
If you are not local we offer phone and Skype consultations.