Stop Self Sabotage & Make Yourself Slim

If you are reading this page you have no doubt tried to or have lost weight before. Maybe even multiple times.

You might be stuck in a never ending cycle of dieting, fall back into eating habits, dieting, fall back into old eating habits, dieting…

Stop Self SabotageThe classic yoyo pattern.

And every time you fall back into your old ways you probably think to yourself…

Why do I do this?

You would think that after you put in such a huge effort to improve your eating and lose weight that you’d learn the lesson and never go back to your old habits. But for some inexplicable reason you do.

And it gets you frustrated and angry with yourself. But unfortunately the angrier and more frustrated you become the more you eat the wrong things.

Why you self-sabotage is usually an unanswerable question and one that could have you in therapy for the rest of your life. However the GOOD NEWS is there is a fast, safe and effective way that stops your self-sabotage in as little as three sessions.

It’s called Dream Figure 4 Life.

Dream Figure 4 Life is a powerful hypnotherapy process I’ve developed that releases you from the grip of bad habits and old conditionings.

The sorts of bad habits and conditionings that makes you…

  • Finish whatever is on your plate no matter how full you are.
  • Grab whatever is convenient when you’re busy
  • Go for sweets and carbs when you’re stressed or upset
  • Binge on comfort food when you’re feeling down
  • Put everyone else’s needs before your own

New Healthy HabitsWhen you’re trapped by your habits and past conditionings you’re never going to be able to sustain changes you make to your diet and lifestyle if you’re doing that by conscious effort. Even if you do keep them up for 21 days.

That’s because habits are automatic behaviours formed from beliefs and conditionings set down in your unconscious mind. Most of them when you were young so you’ve had them for your whole life. That means whenever you get into certain situations or feel certain ways you’ll automatically act and feel a particular way.

The only way then that changes your internal beliefs and gets rid of old self-sabotaging habits is one that accesses your unconscious mind. And Dream Figure 4 Life is the tool that can do that.

Dream Figure 4 Life…

  • Frees you from the compulsion to eat when you get upset or stressed
  • Liberates you from the guilt you feel when you put yourself first
  • Restores your self-belief and self-confidence that you do deserve to be happy and are beautiful
  • Puts you in control of what you eat and how much you eat
  • Reprograms your unconscious mind with new positive healthy beliefs and habits
To discover how to free yourself to form new positive relationships with your food, your health and your body call us today for a FREE 30 minute, no obligation, Dream Figure 4 Life hypnotherapy assessment consultation. Hypnotherapy helps you finally achieve your dream figure for life.