Think Yourself Thin

Getting slim and staying slim isn’t always about knowing what to eat or how much to eat.

Quite often you do know what to eat and how much to eat. Your struggle is doing these two things consistently.

think-yourself-thinWhy you have trouble doing the right thing consistently is because of unconscious beliefs and conditionings you have tucked away deep in your mind. Beliefs and conditionings that were embedded decades ago and are now part of your automatic behaviours.

You see we are all guilty of falling back into old patterns of behaviour. It’s the old adage you know what to do you just don’t do it. The cause is a struggle between two competing desires. One, to have the perfect figure. And two, to live life without feeling restricted.

The conflict between these two desires is what causes you to not be able to make good food choices long term. And is why you find it difficult to maintain your ideal figure.

Now the fantastic news is you too can align all your desires so that you make the right food decision every time. And this will not only help you achieve your ideal figure but maintain it permanently too!

The secret lies in bringing the beliefs you hold, deep in your unconscious mind, about food, enjoyment, health and yourself into harmony. And the way you do that is extraordinarily simple, easy and quick.

weight-hypnotherapyYou do it with hypnotherapy.

It saves you from the mental battles with yourself.

It saves you from feeling restricted.

And you don’t feel like you’re dieting.

Hypnotherapy is pain free and diet free! So you don’t have to weigh, track or count your food.

Hypnotherapy puts your self-destructive and weight rebounding beliefs in the trash and then embeds new positive rewarding beliefs in their place.

With hypnotherapy you will discover a new harmonious relationship with food that allows you to make the right food decisions all the time.

No binges… no loss of control… no conflicts… no feeling guilty.

You will be able to shed unwanted body fat and best of all MAINTAIN your figure.

Now if that sound like the perfect solution for you then the next step is easy.

I have developed a breakthrough hypnotherapy technique to solve your food choice challenges. I call it Dream Figure 4 Life. It changes your beliefs and relationships to food and eating from negative to positive.

So if you have trouble saying “no” to certain foods Dream Figure 4 Life is your answer.

You can banish the little devil that sits on your shoulder and says “go ahead, it’s alright a little bit won’t hurt you. It tastes so delicious!”

And replace it with a little angel that always makes you make the right decision. Without you fighting yourself.

If you have had enough of self-sabotage and guilt then Dream Figure 4 Life will free you from your emotional turmoil.

If you are an emotional or comfort eater Dream Figure 4 Life will rechannel your behaviour away from food.

With Dream Figure 4 Life discover a life of inner peace and happiness with food without the guilt, self-sabotage and self-loathing.

Call today for a FREE 30 minute, no obligation, Dream Figure 4 Life hypnotherapy assessment consultation so you can discover how my hypnotherapy program helps you finally achieve your dream figure for life.