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In today’s blog, I’m going to reveal what your options are when you want to get your hormones checked, but your doctor won’t do it for you?

Getting your hormones checked is super critical if you want to cure your hormonal acne because you can’t rebalance your hormones if you don’t know what hormones are out of balance.

Seems pretty straightforward, doesn’t it?

You would think so, but it’s often not a view shared by your doctor. But testing allows you to pinpoint what hormones are out of balance so you know…

Do you have high testosterone?

Do you have high or low cortisol?

Do you have low progesterone?

Or is your estrogen high or low?

It’s critical to know which of these hormones are not where they should be, so you can get them back into balance, reduce oil production and clear up your acne.
Another super important reason why you need to get your hormones checked is because it stops you guessing at what supplements you need.

Whenever a new young woman comes to see me for help to clear up her acne naturally, she’ll already be taking supplements. But the supplements she’s taking are obviously not working because her acne is still there. The supplements aren’t working because while the young woman might have a little bit of an idea of what’s causing her acne, she doesn’t really know because she hasn’t had her hormones checked and she’s picked the wrong supplements.

So, pretty much she’s wasting money on supplements she doesn’t really need.

However, when you get your hormones checked you find out exactly what hormones you have out of balance and so then you can design an individualized supplement program to rebalance your hormones and give yourself picture perfect skin. So to repeat, it’s super critical that you get your hormones checked.

As important as checking your hormone levels are it unfortunately seems most doctors won’t do it for you. so why is this?

One of the main reasons I feel that the doctors don’t want to check your hormones is because they’re lazy. They don’t want to do it.

And two, they don’t think it’s important. This is because they already know what they’re going to prescribe you. In their mind, when you come in and they look at you and you’ve got acne along your jaw, or on your neck, or on your chin, or around your mouth, or maybe some on your body, they know the acne is hormonal. So straight away in their mind, they think “I’m going to use the birth control pill”. Then when you ask them, “oh, can I get my hormones checked?” they’re like, “Nope. We don’t need to do that”.

They know what they’re going to do. They’re going to use birth control.

And this is despite the fact you’ve asked to get your hormones checked because you DON’T want to use a birth control pill, or any other medications. You want to find out how you can cure your acne issues naturally. You understand you need to know your hormone levels and so you need to get them checked.

But because the doctors don’t really believe in treating things naturally, they just want to put you on the pill, or they want to put you on Accutane or Roaccutane, or they want to use antibiotics, or they might want to use all of these.

And so, they just don’t believe there’s any need to check your hormones, because the treatments they’re going to give to you don’t require them to know exactly what your hormone levels are like.

However, when you want to treat acne naturally, you do need to know what your hormone levels are because what you will use depends on what hormones are out of balance. Your specific hormone imbalances determine what supplements you’ll use. And so, to choose the right supplements, you need to know what hormone imbalances you have.

So then what do you do if your doctor won’t check your hormones for you?

Well, the good news is, you won’t have to go through your doctor anymore soon. That’s because we can get your hormones tested, your results interpreted and a personalised supplement plan created.

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      Hayden Keys

      Hi Evelyne, we have helped many patients who had been struggling with hormonal acne for many years. The first thing that needs to be done is to get your hormone levels checked so you know whether your acne is caused by high male hormones or low female hormones. Usually we get our patients to do a saliva hormone test to work this out but as you are in Mexico this can make it difficult because the US labs don’t always ship to Mexico and then getting the samples back to the lab can be challenging. If you are interested in working with us we can see if the lab will ship to Mexico. The cost of the test will be $200US + shipping. Healthy regards, Hayden Keys

  1. Debbie Perryman

    Hi, I’m a 51 year old female. I desperately need my hormones checked but my Dr will not do it. I don’t have acne problems. It’s my body. My hormones are so out of wack and I’m so desperate for help to feel better. It’s awful. Could you please help me?? Thank you so much in advance!
    Debbie Perryman

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    2. Angela

      I’m 50 and have spent the last 3 years trying to figure out what’s going on with my body – what feels like constant infections but show as none – no one would test my hormones, kept saying “it’s just perimenopause”.
      Doctor gave me estrogen cream and I said i wasn’t going to take it unless she tested my levels.
      Last week she says “omg you have the highest estrogen levels I’ve ever seen in a women your age (and I only have one ovary!), you’re at teenage levels so you don’t need HRT or anything”.
      If I hadn’t insisted on a test I’d be on hrt, I wonder how many other people are on it and don’t need it…
      Wasn’t interested in continuing to find out why then i have all these symptoms, or why I have such high levels, so back to square one 😳

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        Hayden Keys

        Hi Angela, unfortunately you had a far too common experience. But congartulations to you for pushing the doctor to test your hormones before using any hormones. Ity may seem paradoxical that your oestrogen is so high at you age but it isn’t too uncommon either. Your blood test results indicate you need to do some further testing to see whether your high levels are because you are producing excess oestrogen or your body isn’t detoxing/eliminating it properly. We can help you with this by getting you to do a comprehensive hormone test that looks at hormone production as well as hormone detox. If you aren’t local it’s not a problem because we do online consultation via Zoom as well as in clinic consultations. If you want to get to the bottom of your hormone and health issues then book in for an initial consultation with me (Hayden) or Margaret using this link https://apps.kitomba.com/bookings/happyhealthywellbein

        Healthy regards, Hayden Keys

    3. Helpful Angel

      Hi Debbie, there are ways you can order blood work for this yourself online without having to go through the doctor. http://www.walkinlab.com Is a place you can order blood tests, go to a medical office and pay for them yourself, and a doctor can review your results for you. You can go around the doctor who is refusing to do it for you.

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