Why Topical Treatments Don’t Fix Hormonal Acne

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If you suffer from hormonal acne, then no doubt you’ve tried countless topical treatments in an effort to clear your skin. But what you found was that they might have helped reduce your acne a bit, but nowhere near enough to make your skin pimple free.

So, in this blog post, you’re going to discover why topical treatments don’t fix your hormonal acne and what you can do to cure your hormonal acne, naturally.

While topical treatments don’t cure hormonal acne, it doesn’t mean they’re totally worthless or don’t have any benefit. They have their place and can help make your appearance bearable while you work on the underlying cause of your acne.

Topical treatments are good to…

Strip away and clear excess oil.

Kill acne-causing bacteria.

Help suppress oil production.

And reduce inflammation and promote healing.

So, they do some good things, but they won’t get the whole job done.

And the reason they don’t get the whole job done is that by their very nature, they’re only superficial treatments. They don’t actually get to the underlying cause of acne.

They only work on the surface. They don’t correct hormone imbalances, which come from your insides. Hormone imbalances are the thing that triggers your oil glands to overproduce oil and inflame your pores which gives you big, deep, nasty cystic type pimples.

So, when you’ve got hormonal acne, you need treatments that correct the hormone imbalances.

In a way, this is what the birth control pill does artificially. The pill corrects your hormone imbalances by artificially pushing up your female hormones and suppressing male hormones.

However, because it shuts off your natural hormone production and replaces it with synthetic hormones, it only gives temporary relief.

So as soon as you stop the birth control pill the acne comes back in full force.

But the good news is you can naturally rebalance your hormones and eliminate hormonal acne to achieve picture-perfect skin. You just need to pinpoint your exact hormone imbalance first before you jump into treatment.

Now there are two main hormone imbalances driving hormonal acne.

The first is when your female hormones are low and your male hormones, like testosterone, are either normal or high. In this situation, because the female hormones are low it makes the normal male sex hormone levels high compared to the female hormones. And if there are actually high male hormone levels then they become even higher compared to the female hormones.

The results is the oil glands in the ‘beard’ zone are overstimulated by the male sex hormones, triggering hormonal acne.

This hormone imbalance is common after you stop the birth control pill or from stress because both suppress female hormone production.

Signs of low female hormones are…

  • You break out before your period (low progesterone).
  • You feel irritable and moody, short-tempered or impatient before a period (low progesterone)
  • You might get tender breasts before a period (low progesterone).
  • Your acne is constant and doesn’t just fluctuate before a period (low progesterone and low oestrogen).
  • You feel sad, depressed or more emotional and teary before a period (low oestrogen).
  • Your energy drops and you feel tired before a period (low oestrogen)
  • You get cravings for chocolate or sugar or just increased hunger before a period (low oestrogen).

The second hormone imbalance is when female hormones are normal, but the male hormones are high. This can happen after stopping the birth control pill. But it can also be caused by insulin resistance.

Insulin resistance is when your cells become desensitised to the blood sugar regulating hormone, insulin. The result of insulin resistance is your insulin levels become excessively high. And too much insulin in your body triggers your ovaries to make excessive amounts of male sex hormones.

High male sex hormones can also be due to genetics. I see a lot of women with high male sex hormones but they don’t have insulin resistance or they haven’t recently come off the birth control pill. Their levels are high for no apparent reason. It’s just their genetic makeup.

Then there’s also stress. Stress hormones can be converted into male sex hormones. So this is why stress can break you out more.

Now signs of high male sex hormones are…

  • Your acne is constant. There’s not much fluctuation in it even before the period.
  • You might have long or irregular cycles. You only get a period a couple of times a year or maybe not at all.
  • You’re growing excess facial hair. You might be getting a few little black hairs on your chin or on your neck or you’ve noticed that the hair on your upper lip is starting to get a bit darker. This happens because facial hair follicles are overstimulated by male hormones.
  • The hair on your head is thinning out and shedding excessively. This happens because the male hormones inflame the hair follicles and cause the hair to die off.

Now while symptoms can give you an idea of what hormone imbalance you have, to be totally sure, you need to rely on more than just signs and symptoms.

And this is why I’ve developed a hormonal acne treatment blueprint.

My Picture Perfect Skin Blueprint is the system I’ve used with hundreds of young women to eliminate their hormonal acne naturally to achieve picture-perfect skin. And now you can use it too.

Step 1 of the blueprint is to test your hormones because if you don’t test your hormones, you’ll never know what your specific hormone imbalance is.

Step 2 is to pinpoint your specific hormone imbalance from your test results. This is the beauty of this process; it’s individualised to you.

When you test, you get a personalized set of results so you know exactly what your imbalances are.

From there, you can move on to Step 3, which is to design your personalized supplement program.

A problem I’ve discovered is the supplement program most patients create for themselves before they first come to see me is not personalised. It’s created from supplements they’ve read or heard about not because they knew what hormones imbalance they have.

Their program is not specific to them, and that’s why they’re not getting results.

When you test your hormones, you can accurately pinpoint your imbalances. So, the supplement program you create from your results is very personalized.

This saves you a lot of time and money because you don’t end up taking supplements you don’t really need.

Step 4 is to optimize your diet and your lifestyle. This involves cleaning up your diet and eliminating any foods that can aggravate your acne, like gluten, dairy, refined sugar and soy. Plus getting enough sleep, exercising appropriately (not over-exercising), and minimising stress on your body.

When you implement these consistently over a period of time it resets your natural hormone levels and before you know it, you’re the new you. Your skin is picture perfect and you’ve done it all naturally.

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